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Just a reminder that the Federal Reserve Bank and, for that matter, all central banking, is an enemy of America’s financial stability. The assault continues as The Fed seems to be licking its chops over the prospect of initiating QE3.  Just a reminder of what happens to those criticizing the Fed against the wishes of the financial, media, and government elite – You are labelled a KOOK. So here the latest and greatest regarding the financial terrorist outfit that is hell bent on undermining American prosperity and freedom.

The Probability of More Quantitative Easing

Economy Improving To Due Credit Expansion of GM Sub-prime Car Loans and Student Loans

Today’s Federal Government Has Become The King George Americans Rejected In The 1700’s

Federal Reserve Increases Treasury Securities Purchases As They Hope To Inflate America Into Prosperity

Utah Bill De-criminalizes Recognizes Gold As Money and Removes Punitive State Capital Gains Taxes and Sales Taxes

GOP’s Shelby Roughs Up Fed Nominee Diamond – He’s An “old-fashioned” Keynesian Supporter Of Big Government

King Bernanke Leading Federal Reserve Destructive Inflationary Policies

Federal Reserve Most Accommodating For Loans To Companies With Terrible Credit – Not Consumers with Good Credit

Dallas Federal Reserves States Prosperity Will Come By Offering More Green Cards

World’s Biggest Bond Fund Dumps All U.S. Treasuries

Federal Reserve Excited About Rising Oil Prices As It Increases Chances For QE3

U.S. Corporate Cash Levels At Record Levels – Hoarding But Not Hiring

Federal Reserve Economist Says Americans Need To Be Kept In Dark About Monetary Policy

Federal Reserve Report – Everything Is Peachy Here In America

Ron Paul Was Right: Will GOP Voters Care?

Foreign Federal Reserve Economist – You’re A Pinhead If You Disagree With The Federal Reserve

Herbert Hoover As The Last True Conservative President – Told Americans That It Was Not The Responsibility Of The National Government To Solve All Their Problems

Well, we need to keep doing it. Exposing more of the behind the scenes stories that prove how worthless our current Federal Government is. Oh yea, also included in that group of worthless are the statist, big government Republicans. These are just a few of the issues that would lead any sensible, fiscally responsible American to shake their head in shame for electing these politicians who do not have our best interests in mind. You may not want to read this stuff if you’re in a good mood.

TSA Ass Crack Inspectors’ Election To Choose Union Representation Begins Wednesday

Democratic Socialist of America Panel Member, Former Kerry Aid With No Accounting Background Is Appointed # 2 Spot In Office Of Budget Management and Here On The Socialist Speaking Engagement

National Treasury Employees Unions and Democrat Lawmakers Protest On Capital Hill Opposiing Proposed Massive Cuts In Funding For Their Agencies

Senate Bill Aims To Combat Pharmaceutical Theft

No Point In Trying To Identify Government Waste

Slanted Bloomberg Poll Claims Republicans Are To Blame For Any Gov’t. Shutdown and Most Americans Don’t Want Gov’t. Cuts, But Want High-speed Rail, Expanding Access To Broadband Internet and Developing New Sources Of Alternative Energy

Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. in New York Says Federal Gov’t. Not Broke – It Can Borrow All It Wants

SEC Shapiro States We Can Find Waste, Just Give Us 400 More Employees

Obama Prefers To Drag Out Health Care Lawsuit – Appeals To Another Disctict Court Instead Of Seeking SCOTUS Fast Track

Delusional Washington Post’s Ezra Klein Claims Duplication In Federal Government Programs Is Good

Company Calls on Consumers to Show the IRS the Appreciation They So Richly Deserve

Robert Tobias, Former President Of The National Treasury Employees Union Says Any Plans To Re-organize Federal Gov’t. Should Include Employee Unions

Former Office of Personnel Managemet Direct Says Continuing Resoutions Not Fair To Sacrificing Union Member Federal Workers

Office of Personnel Management Director John Berry To Testify About Changing Federal Pay System – Will testify Fed. Workers Are Not Overpaid

Accountants, Librarians, Information Technology Specialists and Others At The GAO Took The First Step Friday Toward Forming a Union

Obama Seeks $8 mil For Independent Panel To Decide What Government Propoerty To Sell Off- Process Critized By SEC Who Would Have To Move

DARPA Head, Regina Dugan, Awards Contact To Company She Founded

Union-Management Partnership Signed In by Obama (EO 13522) Having Trouble Getting Started Because Of Working Relationships

So your not able to determine the best prospect for the GOP nomination in the 2012 GOP Presidential primary? As usual, the media doesn’t think so and wants to decide. They may be right unless voters cast aside the sound bite-mentality that is prevalent in America today. So why wouldn’t the media, spokespeople of the DNC and RNC, predominately owned and operated by far-left socialists and big-government, hawkish military Neo-cons, take advantage of it.

The left-wing media wants to see someone who will wear a GOP label while pushing for Obama-like unchecked Federal Government expansion or someone with a tattered political and personal background, whose name invokes the memory of GOP promises gone bad. The right-wing media wants someone who will continue big-spending, especially if it’s military in nature or someone who will help marginalize the Tea Party members. In other words, Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich.

Romney will continue the Obama freedom-killing legacy of Progressivism and the media can try to instil in voters that no discernible difference exists between Obama and his GOP opponent. On the other hand, there’s very little loss to Democrats if the Presidential winner is a socialist health care-loving Republican progressive. Besides that, The left and right know that a Romney nomination will cause a huge rift between the Tea Party and GOP establishment, resulting in an easy win for Obama.

Gingrich is a has-been Congressman whose “Contract With America” still finds its way into political discussions about GOP failure. He was your classic well entrenched, big-spending, big-government politicians selling a big lie. The nomination of Gingrich will also set the table for a Tea Party split from the GOP establishment and provide an easy win for Obama.

Here’s the latest weekly deluge of stories by the left and right media (predominately left) explaining why you should support their preferences.
Romney Focuses On Jobs For Potential GOP Presidential Run

CNN: Palin Shouldn’t Wait Until Fall To Start Campaigning

Boston Globe: Romney’s Presidential Campaign Gathers Momentum

Reuters: Possible Republican White House Candidates In 2012

National Journal: Who Will Be The Republican Presidential Nominee?

CBS: GOP’s Presidential Hopefuls Not Diving Into Race

Donald Trump Positive Rating Higher Than That Of Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty

Former Pizza Chain CEO Mulling Presidential Run

Student Operated Press: The Student Voice: 2012 Presidential Race, Obama the Favorite, Republican`s Undecided!

AP: New Governors Overshadow Those Potential Candidates

The Economist: The Republicans: Who Dares Take Obama On?

The Economist: The Republicans In Search Of a Nominee

Reuters: Economy Only Thing That Can Beat Obama In 2012

Today Online: Republicans Admit Obama’s Hard To Beat

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Obama Can Win Because Of GOP’s Lunatic Fringe

Washington Post: The GOP Have No Replacement For Obama

Boston Herald: Claim That Romneycare Is Budget Buster A ‘Myth’

The Week Magazine: Why RomneyCare Is Worth Supporting

The Hill: Poll: Obama Enjoys Sizeable Lead Over

Sunshine State News: Mitt Romney Continues to Build in Florida

Daily Caller: Shame On GOP For Not Bring Forward A Legitimate Candidate

Washington Post: What GOP Field?

MSNBC: 2012: Christie Says He Can Win

Boston Globe: Mitt Romney Tops The List of The Believables

Washington Post:: Sarah Palin’s Iowa Problem

The New Civil Rights Movement: GOP Hopefuls Join Hate Group Leader For Fundraiser

MSNBC: Tea Party Likes Huckabee

Wall Street Journal: Tea Party’s Favorites Aren’t In 2012 Race

LA Times: Who In Blazes Is Herman Cain?

Real Clear Politics: Pawlenty Releases Tea Party-Themed Video

Sarasota Times Tribune: On Cue, 2012 GOP Hopefuls Go After “RomneyCare

ABC News: Harvard-educated Louisiana Democrat Turned Republican Joins GOP Presidential Candidates

NPR/Weekly Standard: GOP Presidential Hopes Rest On Tea Party-GOP Establishment Alliance -Christie and Ryan?

Big Government: Tea Party Nominating Convention Announced

No matter what Congressional Conservatives propose on budget cuts, it will continue to be portrayed by the Progressives/Socialists (media, think tanks, Intelligentsia, unions, etc..) as an attack on Americans. However, there are two groups that will always fights any budget cuts: The Progressives/Socialists and the big government statists, which many times seem to be one in the same.

The Progressives/Socialists want government to have full control of all commerce with government providing all jobs. Therefore government must perpetually grow. So they portray any cuts as an assault on the usual: children, environment, poor people, minorities, American Dream, ad nauseam. Of course, the other problem with trying to effect budget cuts is that everybody claims they want to initiate fiscal responsibility as long as their slice of pie is left alone. At this rate, our Federal Government will have to declare bankruptcy in order for any of these statists to embrace fiscal sanity.

Top that off with the daily assault by the socialist mainstream media (MSM), on anything opposing an onerous, overreaching, and gargantuan Federal Government, that the sheeple of America will happily lap up. At that rate, we will never achieve a limited and affordable government. The only viable solutions proposed by these clowns is to raise taxes on all Americans.

Here’s the lasted propaganda assault by limited-government, free market haters:

Catholics – Draconian Budget Cuts In Funding For Domestic and International Aid To The Poor and Vulnerable

In Order To Deprive People of Vitally Needed Services, Republicans Cut Budget Of Social Security Admin.

Republicans Wants To Take Away Money From IRS, As Democrats Fight For Its Expansion

CFTC and SEC Head Claim Budget Cuts Will Not Allow Them Proper Enforcement Money

Utah Cuts Heat Assistance For Poor Even Through Their Federal Funds Haven’t Been Cut

GOP Budget Cuts Will Starve The Poor

GOP Budget Cuts a Gift To The Rich

GOP Budget Cuts Target Sesame Street

GOP Budget Cuts Target Children’s After School Programs

Black Caucus Members Claim GOP Budget Cuts Targets Black Americans

Economist Claim GOP Budget Cuts Will Cost Elimination Of 700,000 Jobs

Marxist Rev. Jim Wallis New Campaign: What Would Jesus Cut? LOL GOP Budget Cuts Are a Stab In America’s Back

National Treasury Employees Union Claim Budget Cuts Are An Attack on Federal Workers and Poor

GOP Budget Cuts Target Everything They Hate: Children, Labor unions, NPR, Poor People, and Environment

GOP Budget Cuts Right Attacked Unions, ACORN and Planned Parenthood