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It didn’t take long after the deadly devastating tornado outbreak across the South for the “global warmers/climate changers” to show that idiocy and lunacy are core common denominators in “progressive-think”. In fact, this is just another, in a enormous list of reasons, why the diseased-ridden movement of Progressivism needs to be eliminated from American culture.

Please say a prayer for those suffering after the devastating tornadoes that ravaged the Southeastern U.S. this week. Unfortunately, found in the comment section of a CBS article, we can see how the Progressive mind thinks and how they really feel about the victims of these tornadoes.


by noloyalisti April 28, 2011 11:09 PM EDT
So these are the poor red states who let their maniac elected reps deny confirmed man made global climate change. In fact they voted for the freaks. So maybe this is coming back as their (and our) worst nightmares. This is why liberals and progressive MUST run America, the conservative and Republican brains are too tense (two tenths the size of a normal brain).

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Now my state of South Carolina gets its call from the Obama union assault program. It’s special to see our tax dollars funding the National Labor Relations Board’s destruction of American private enterprise.


From PR Newsire: Boeing to Fight NLRB Complaint Backed by Union

CHICAGO, April 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The Boeing Company said it will vigorously contest a complaint brought before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) today by the leadership of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM).  The complaint challenges Boeing’s 2009 decision to complement its production capacity in Washington state with a new assembly plant in South Carolina and seeks to force Boeing to place its second 787 final assembly line in Puget Sound instead of Charleston.

“This claim is legally frivolous and represents a radical departure from both NLRB and Supreme Court precedent,” said Boeing Executive Vice President and General Counsel J. Michael Luttig. “Boeing has every right under both federal law and its collective bargaining agreement to build additional U.S. production capacity outside of the Puget Sound region.”

Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign is off and running. He has the union Communist- Marxists-Progressives agitating the ignorant to raise the prospect of re-election by the same ignorant asses that voted for him in 2008. Since that is in full gear, it’s time to agitate another sector of America haters – the illegal aliens.

The plan is not to actually deal with it. In the typical Progressive demonization process, he just points fingers at Conservatives and say ” look at the haters blocking my attempts at immigration reform (AMNESTY)”. So in the coming months, the rhetoric will again be ratcheted to deafening levels. Don’t let up and keep pressing your elected officials to tackle illegal immigration on the state level.


Prove You’re Here Legally Before Getting Gov’t Services, Voters Say

Obama Says Illegal Immigration Problem Cause By Republicans

Norcross, GA man sentenced for recruiting illegal immigrants

Alabama nears final approval of immigration crackdown

Feds raid Tucson Chuy’s locations in illegal hiring probe

Georgia Businesses and Democrats Fear Government Crackdown On Illegals Will Make Illegals Leave The State

NJ College Says It Changed Mind On In-State Tuition For Illegals Because Of Intimidation

Complaints That TN Anti-Immigration Bills Will Make It Difficult For Illegals To Find Work

Maryland Lawmakers Continue Fighting MD Version Of The Dream Act

Catholic Social Justice Promoters Wash Feet Of Illegals In Conservative Cobb County GA

Indiana Lawmakers Take Teeth Out Of Anti-Immigration Laws

The average criminal alien in California has been arrested seven times

8 NY counties join immigration fingerprint program

Montgomery Co, MD Mulls Illegal Alien Deportation Program

Chipotle Eatery’s Profits Soar as Hiring Of Illegal Aliens Does Also

Mormon Church Praises Amnesty Measures In UT

Latinos and Democrats Press Obama to Curb Deportations

Border agents given orders to not arrest illegal immigrants

Dept. Homeland Security Being Sued Over Nun Killed By Illegal Alien

U.S. News -Poll: Voters oppose birthright citizenship

Women sentenced for harboring illegal immigrants

Georgia Human Rights Coalition Sets To Initiate Boycott Of The State Of GA

GA Rep John Lewis Says Illegal Immigration Efforts Equivalent To Jim Crow Laws

Colorado Progressive Lawmakers Approve In-State College Tuition For Illegals

WA State Progressives Protest Requiring Proof Of U.S. Citizenship For Drivers License As Racist

Ca Government Encourages Illegals To Fill Out Census So Illegals Can Get More Money

WI Progressives Says State Needs To Stay Out Of Immigration Enforcement

$500,000 Found In Illegal Immigrant Tax Raid  – Man Filing False Tax Refunds For illegals and Keeping The Cash

Are U.S. Businesses Encouraging Illegal Immigration?

OR. Progressives Keep Pushing To Illegals Drivers Licenses

McDonalds Busted Again For Hiring Illegals

Rep. Luis Gutierrez Continues His “Illegal Aliens Are Great and Americans Are Racist Tour” At Detroit Union Gathering

Republicans Will Continue To Be Branded As Haters until They Grant Blanket Amnesty To Illegals

So the Socialists running the White House and their henchmen have American taxpayers funding their efforts to make sure Capitalism is killed. Now that the Socialists in the White House have become very transparent in their efforts to turn American into a European socialist nanny-state, it’s past time for liberty and freedom-loving Americans to bring this effort to a halt. While obviously nothing will happen until Conservatives take the majority in both chambers of Congress, there’s still no time to waste in educating America as to the demands that should be placed on those Conservatives beyond the 2012 elections. For those Congressmen waiving the conservative banner but unwilling to act on restoring Federal Government sanity, I say to the curb with your sorry butts.

Here is some coverage on the continued attempts by our Federal Government and unions to make sure no private employers in America can afford bloated wages and benefits.



TSA Asscrack Screeners Need Run-off Vote To Choose Union

Federal Labor Agency NLRB Tries To Block Non-union Boeing Plant

The Feds NLRB Seeks To Achieve Through Agency Fiat Radical Statutory Changes Congress Doesn’t Want To Enact

Big Government Republicans Pass On Reduced Funding For Overfunded NLRB

NLRB Initiative Helps To Unionize All Workers In America At The Expense Of The Taxpayer

Taxpayer Funded NLRB Still Spending Millions On Squabbling Millionaire NFL Owners and Players

Taxpayers Money Used So NLRB Head Lafe Solomon Can Educate The Public In Detroit About Collective Bargaining

NLRB Assists To Unionize The Biscuit People

Workers Memorial Day In Place To Remind Of Us How Great Unions Are For Killing America

AFL-CIO Celebrates Attempt To Recall 4th WI Lawmaker

AFL-CIO Claims Requiring ID Top Vote Is Racist and Aimed at Suppressing Votes Of College Students, Immigrants, Rural Voters, Senior Citizens, The Disabled, The Poor and The Homeless

AFL-CIO Still Claims Vote Fraud Pushed Prosser To Victory In WI Supreme Court Race

Union Celebrate That NM Governor Can’t Fire 3 NM NLRB Members

TN Company Ordered By Judge and NLRB To Hire Back Workers Disrupting Company Operations While Trying To Force Unionization

NLRB Issues Complaint Against Reuters For Reprimanding A Reporter For Criticizing Company Anti-Union Policies On Twitter

Former SEIU Official Appointed by Obama to Investigate Union Corruption, Cuts Number of Investigators

NLRB Head Pushes For Mandate Allowing Union Access To All Private No-union Businesses

NLRB Initiates Actions Over Firing Of Medical Employee For Denigrating Her Company on Facebook

If you were looking for any sign of Tea Party protests in the Lamestream Media, forget about it. Unfortunately for Progressives, Socialists, and Marxists, wishing something doesn’t make it necessarily so. To the chagrin of these haters of Americanism, there were too many Tea Party Rallies to list. Here is a reminder to the left – the harder you try to destroy the Tea Party movement, the more steadfast our resolve to cure the American government’s fiscal insanity and snub out rabid Progressivism.

WI –  Tea Party Rally – Progressives Counter Rally Peters Out

CA – Tax Day Rally Welcomes Long Beach Tea Party

Tea Party supporters flock to Palm Desert rally

Tea Party rally held on busy day in Laguna Beach

MA – Boston Police Help Disrupt Tea Party Rally

AL – Tea party event held at Homewood radio station

Tea party rally draws concerned residents to courthouse

FL – Rep. Allen West At Florida Tea Party rally

At Tea Party Rally, Rubio Blasts Obama: He’d rather get Re-Elected than Lead

Scott preaches lower taxes at St. Johns tea party rally

Union Fireman Suspected Of Sabotage At Tea Party Rally

IA – Pawlenty, Cain try to win Iowa Tea Party support

Iowa tea party supporters brave chilling wind for rally

AZ – Tax Day Rally in the Desert Southwest

Tea Party Counter Protesters Arrested

IN – Socialist group protests Tea Party

Tea Party rally takes aim at GOP and Dems

SC – TEA Party rally message: get involved

Tax day tea party protest brings SC Gov Haley, Bachmann to Statehouse steps

Bachmann Visits TEA Party Rally in Bluffton

PA – Tea party, York County NAACP to rally together

NH – Tea Party Rally Calls for Budget Cuts

NC – Tea Party rallies

WA – Tea party rallies for less government, more grass-roots

Tea party activists rally in Everett

CO – Tea party rally attracts 200 to Loveland

Third tax day tea party rally fires ‘em up

RI – tea party rallies at Statehouse

Marxist Group Protests Tea Party Protest

NV – Groups rally in Carson City to support Gov. Brian Sandoval’s pledge to not raise taxes

Tea party supporters want big government out of their lives

TX – Longview hosts Tea Party rally

Tea Party rally in downtown Tyler

NJ – Morristown Tea Party rally

AR – Crowd braves chilly temps for Tax Day Rally

MT – TEA Party rallies in Billings

Racists Fliers By Marxists enrage local Tea Party Patriots

IL – The tea party rant heard ’round the nation

SD – Tea party activists rally, intend to keep heat on legislators

MI – Tea party members attack plans for new Detroit bridge, taxes during Lansing rally

Tea Party holds tax day rally in Grand Rapids

Tea party rally at Capitol draws 400

NY – Tea Partiers rev up at Hornell rally

GA – Tea party rally touts fair tax

Savannah Tea Party: Stop spending, start saving

CT – Hundreds turn out for anti-tax rally at Conn. Capitol

OH – Tri-Party TEA Party encourages show of support for Kasich

MO – Mo. tea party groups rally on taxes, spending