Dumbest Immigration Quote Of The Week

Janet Napolitano

“These efforts on a state-by-state basis are predicated on a falsehood that the federal government has failed to act,” she said. “There has never been a stronger, more sustained effort at the border.”

Napolitano Said She’s “Dismayed” By The Suggestion That Federal Authorities Aren’t Enforcing The Law

Rhinos Kill E-Verify To continue Florida’s Sanctuary Status

CA’s Moonbeam Brown Backs Student Aid For Illegal Immigrants

Ala. Lawmakers Closer To Passing Immigration Bill

ACLU and Pro-Illegal Immigration Groups Sue to Block New Utah Immigration Law

10 Illegal Immigrants In UT Arrested In Major Heroin Bust

The Perpetual Campaigner – Obama Pays Lip Service To Same Pro-illegal Immigration Groups Who Voted For Him in 2008

Boycotts of States By Pro-Illegal Are Very Ineffective

PA Congressman Introduces “Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Act”

Man Indicted For Murder In Death Of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry

AZ Doctors Protest Against Illegal Immigration Legislation

GA Attorney Pleads Guilty Friday To Profiting From Helping Illegal Immigrants Obtain Green Cards

FBI In Houston Says Illegal Immigrant Gangs Hijack Illegal Immigrants To Collect Ransom

TN Immigration Measures Stalled In House Over Supposed High Cost To Implement?

Three Members Of A Violent, Multi-state Fraudulent Immigration Document Ring Plead Guilty In VA

Illegal Border Crossers Causes School Lockdown In TX

IL Senate Goes With Free College Education For illegal Immigrants Instead of In-State Tuition

Drop House Found In Upscale Neighborhood In Chandler, AZ

IRS: Illegal Aliens Can Qualify For Earned Income Tax Credit