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From the Senate office of Rand Paul regarding offering amendments on the Patriot Act extension as promised by lying Harry Reid. I don’t think Rand was necessarily surprised that Harry Reid lied, again. The fact that Harry openly put his lie in the public record is the norm for this clown..

Thanks to Rand for standing up for Americans tired of being steam rolled by the traitors in Congress. Hopefully, American will find the courage to fire those in Washington who seem to relish the opportunity to trample the American Constitution.


Sen. Paul Statement on USA PATRIOT Act Extension
May 24, 2011

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Sen. Rand Paul spent a significant amount of the day on the Senate floor urging Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to keep his word and allow debate and amendments on the USA PATRIOT Act extension.

“Instead of honoring statements he made in February regarding allowing amendments and debate on the bill, Sen. Reid went through procedural hoops to go back on his word. By hurriedly attaching the extensions to the privileged small business bill as an amendment, Sen. Reid denied the Senate the opportunity to debate the constitutionality of its provisions,” Sen. Paul said. “Today’s events further underscore the U.S. government’s lack of transparency and accountability to the American people.”



Sen. Reid’s comments in the Feb. 15, 2011, Congressional Record:

Mr. REID. Mr. President, I express my appreciation to everyone involved. It has been a difficult issue, but I will put on the record what I have told a number of Senators personally, and that is that we will, prior to this expiration occurring, bring up the PATRIOT Act and have an opportunity for an extended period of time–a week at least–to offer amendments and do whatever people feel is appropriate on this bill.

I have talked to a couple of Senators who have told me specifically that they want to offer amendments. Although I didn’t agree I would support their amendments–one was a Democrat and one was a Republican–I said that is what we should be able to do, to set this up so they can offer their amendments. And I will do whatever I can to make sure we move forward on this legislation in ample time so that we can pass this PATRIOT Act for a more extended period of time, which is so important to the security of this country. I know people have problems with it, and that is why we are going to have the amendment process.

Sometimes you just have to say, they get what they deserve. And so is the case of the special election in NY-26, where marketing won the hearts and souls of the lost sheep who voted for a Democrat who was running on the ticket of a non-existent political party, the tea party. While I could go on a rant about how ignorant many voters are, I will reserve that for the continued attack by the left-leaning government media agents and Democrat party who are hell bent on painting Tea Party patriots as hating, racist, white people who worship corporate America, banks, and the wealthy. The Republican party’s perpetual concerted effort to marginalize all voters and ideas not RHINO is shameful at best.

I saw it like this: the Democrats ran two candidates on two different party tickets, one of them being a “Tea Party” party, which does not exist. The Republican establishment and political consultants waited until last possible moment to minimally expose the Democrat, Jack Davis, running on the Tea Party ticket. They protested just enough prior to the election so as to claim they tried to warn Republican voters. Now they can go back to the same worn-out argument that the Tea Party ruined our chances to win a seat that should be Republican. There is plenty of cover for them considering this seat will be up for grabs next year and will probably fall back in the hands of the RHINOS. Plus, the Democrat winner will be about as useful as a football bat for the Democrats’ minority in the House.

Tea Party candidate hires political consulting group who “helps elect Democrats and advance progressive causes”

Democrat Kathy Hochul has a chance to win because tea-party-backed Jack Davis (I) appears to be siphoning support from Republican Jane Corwin

Republican has taken a heavy hit from self-funded, self-titled Tea Party candidate Jack Davis


Of course the Progressive media agents played it from their book of voter deception. They continually made a point not to reveal that Jack Davis was a Democrat and did emphasize he was something he actually wasn’t. While he obviously is no Tea Party patriot, the media needs to play it as a referendum on the Tea Party movement. You know, the hater, racist, group of angry white people who want to kill old people and the earth and give tax breaks to the rich at the expense of grandma’s dog food diet. With the Progressive/Liberal media being agents of the White House, you would expect nothing less.

However, with the voting public continuing to buy media propaganda instead of becoming informed and educated, it turned out to be a double win for the Progressive-controlled Democrat party. They falsely marginalize the Tea Party movement while showing how inept the Republican party is at defending itself against Democrat lies about Medicare. I say for now, NY-26 got what it deserved. The Republican party deserves this defeat by engaging in their effort to render the Tea Party movement ineffective.

The liberal spin machine has now ramped up the rhetoric about “this referendum paves a rough road ahead for Republicans in 2012” and “the Tea Party is handing Democrats easy victories”.

RHINO political consulting group spokesman said Hochul’s victory was a sign of a tough time for Republicans to come.


The Tea Party movement, according to the media reports and both major political parties, has been neutered. To be frank, it does appear that the propaganda spread by Tea party opponents (big-government statists from both parties and majority of media) has affected the willingness of American-loving, fiscally sane, anti-tax, anti-big government, anti-nanny state patriots to remain the public voice of reason. If it were not for the Tea Party, America would be swimming in a sea of Marxists-lite policies, versus the Socialistic one we are currently in.

It’s time for American-loving patriots to get geared up again to put the breaks on run away government. I’ll leave with a word from one the most successful big-government Keynesian statists claiming America is not broke because we can keep borrowing more to pay off what we’ve already borrowed to expand an unaffordable government.

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