Hopefully, this will promote more states’ actions holding businesses accountable for hiring illegal aliens. Here are some stories from this past week regarding the ramifications of the SCOTUS ruling.

The first is a quote from an opinion piece written by AZ lawmaker, Russell Pearce, a key actor in precipitating the SCOTUS case by The US Chamber of Commerce.

Supreme Court Sides With AZ In Use Of Employment Verification Hailed By AZ Lawmaker

By Russell Pearce, guest commentary East Valley Tribune

The U.S. Supreme Court has handed our great state a significant victory. It upheld our 2007 law penalizing businesses for knowingly hiring workers who are here illegally.

No longer will companies be able to ignore the rule of law and hire illegal aliens, shutting out legal Arizona workers. With the highest unemployment in a generation, we must do all we can to get Arizona back to work, and this ruling means those here legally will not have to compete with the illegal crowd. That is great news.

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