While I’m tempted to decry the use of the word terror and terrorist in describing Tea Party patriots, consideration has to be given to the source of such hysterical rhetoric. As in the case with many Progressive/Liberals/Socialists/Marxists, when they lose the argument or cannot debate the facts, they just resort to name calling, of the worst kind. That’s ok! Why? Because the Tea Party is spot on regarding America’s fiscal deterioration. That’s why the establishment political elite, including 99% of the Marxist mainstream media, is on the defence. They are defending the only life they know- corrupting American institutions while sucking the American taxpayer dry for the sake of moneyed interests who will keep them in power. At the same time, they will perpetually seek to expand the welfare state and flood its ranks with gullible sheep. The bottom-line, however, is the Tea Party can’t be controlled by those that detest them. They are running scared and are not leading this discussion. The Tea Party is leading the discussion on America’s fiscal responsibilities and those that continuously disparage the Tea Party patriots are pissed because they are not leading.

So, yes the Tea Party is winning. And yes, the rhetoric is getting louder, as evidenced by the following commentary.

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