Another election season approaches as the Progressive-minded and biased media prepares to pick the Republican Presidential candidates that voters will ultimately vote for in the 2012 Presidential election. Never in my life have I witnessed a more bizarrely, overt attempt by the Progressive-owned and operated media to pick the Republican Presidential nominee that will, at a minimum if triumphant over President Obama, keep tracking America along Obamunism’s Socialist road to hell or preferably, choose a candidate so aligned with Obamunism that lazy voters will just stay the course with Obamunism.

Frankly, regardless of the motivation or actions by the media to influence the outcome of the Republican Presidential nomination, why in the world is the media, including Fox News, still revered as an honest steward of truthful, unbiased news coverage considering the self-serving propaganda they serve up on an hourly basis. The media knows what most people don’t want to or just fail to recognize – most people are sheeple looking for the easiest access to instant gratification with the least resistance that will require no intelligent reason or logic and requires little or no accountability, while excepting no blame for anything. In other words in this case, make it as easy as possible for a voter to dismiss all choices as bad, therefore being herded towards the establishment and media pick. Of course, that is Mitt Romney. So no matter what the facts are, Romney will always be their front runner.

Every Republican Presidential nominee, except Romney, has been skewered by all major media outlets. Of course this is being framed to result in the “lesser of evils” fixation come election time. The Neocon/Establishment arm of the media touts electability as key in a nominee, when in fact, they would take Obama if he would change his racing stripes to reflect an (R) beside his name. So, I ask the question, can you please decide for yourself who truly represents the opportunity to embrace American exceptionalism, restore fiscal sanity to our Federal Government, and once again place America at the top of the hill as the shining beacon of hope in a Socialist-ruled world.

Guess what, there is no perfect candidate that can fill all of your heart’s political desires. I always said if you took a few planks from each candidate’s platform, you would be golden. Personally, every Republican candidate has at least one issue I do not agree with.

Change the corrupt nature of Washington D.C., bring power back to the States where it belongs, make people more responsible for their choices, curtail the Federal Government’s fiscal recklessness, drastically reduce our military presence outside U.S. borders (therefore reducing costs), reduce the size of the Federal Government, including personnel, agencies, departments, and programs, protect our borders, and most of all, utilize sound logic and reason with morality and ethics in all Executive decision-making.

Wake the hell up already and take the country back from the Progressives/Marxists/Socialists/Neolibs/Necons/Media/Corporatist that will soon completely destroy America.

The following is not necessarily there for your reading pleasure, considering it’s all a bunch of self-serving rubbish. I just pulled together the last 48 hrs. or so of “Romney The Fronotrunner” BS from the most Progressive/Liberal/Neocon news sources just to show that the “Establishment” think Conservative voters are idiots. Well, you may be if you keep falling for this propaganda to help elect this “Corporate Candidate”.

Boston Herald
Republican front-runner Mitt Romney is leaving his religion and heated GOP opposition on the sidelines, cruising into tonight’s debate ahead in the polls and above the fray…

Business Week
Herman Cain’s newly energized candidacy…tries to catch frontrunner Mitt Romney.

National Journal
Feisty Romney…GOP presidential frontrunner spends day before debate wooing voter in nation’s first primary state.

The Hill
Sens. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.) and Mel Martinez (R-Fla.) have endorsed Mitt Romney for president. The endorsements are especially helpful to the GOP frontrunner...

…a signal that by reclaiming front-runner status in the GOP presidential race, Romney has entrenched the perception among Democrats that he poses the biggest threat to President Obama’s reelection.

LA Times
And after a series of smooth debate performances, Romney has also regained his front-runner position in national polling.

Miami Herald
Romney, the former Massachusetts governor considered a front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination,

Cain, who claimed a recent Florida straw poll, has climbed into the top tier of candidates, tying with Perry behind front-runner Mitt Romney

CBS News
Cain trounced Texas Gov. Rick Perry in the Florida GOP straw poll, 37 percent to 15 percent. In the last two weeks, he has placed either second or tied front-runner Mitt Romney in national polls…

Buoyed by recent polls that confirmed his status as the runaway front-runner here in the Granite State, Mitt Romney was in a lighthearted mood

ABC News
the former Massachusetts governor said the demonstrations were “dangerous” and “class warfare.” But when asked about his comments afterward, the GOP front-runner declined to elaborate…

Cain, Romney Tied in Poll Among Va Republicans

Real Clear Politics
Huntsman will set up a deep contrast with GOP front-runner Mitt Romney that could create a serious sticking point at Tuesday’s Washington Post/Bloomberg debate.

San Francisco Chronicle
Republican presidential candidates attempted to deflect questions about whether frontrunner Mitt Romney, a Mormon, could be considered a Christian

Taiwan News
Herman Cain’s newly energized candidacy is reshaping the Republican presidential primary race and creating a new hurdle for Texas Governor Rick Perry as he tries to catch frontrunner Mitt Romney.

Reuters News
Mitt Romney looks to consolidate his newly regained front-runner status at a presidential debate on Tuesday.

Wall Street Journal
Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts and front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination.

Huffington Post
with a revolving cast of front-runners. Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts has remained at the top throughout…

The Australian
Herman Cain has surged in the race for the Republican presidential nomination and is hot on the heels of frontrunner Mitt Romney

The Scottsman
Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is a front-runner to take the Republican nomination for a run at the White House in 2012’s election.

Oman Observer
Frontrunner Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith, debated at length when he ran for president in 2008, was decried as a “cult”

London Free Press
Mitt Romney, a former venture capitalist who is the Republican presidential front-runner…

Chicago Sun Times
Fronotrunner Romney 18 point NH lead: Harvard, St. Anselm Institutes of Politics poll

Daily Beast
the press corps has reluctantly turned its lonely eyes back to the once and future frontrunner, Mitt Romney.

The debate at Dartmouth College is to focus on the economy, the central issue in Romney’s campaign, but his rivals are not expected to stop there in criticizing the front-runner.