Even If Ron Paul Wins All the

Unfortunately, for those who are perpetual defenders of American freedom and liberty, tired of having big-government statist Republican Presidential candidate shoved down their throats, it’s sickening that the only true freedom-oriented candidate keeps getting shunned and described as fringe and unelectable candidate. No matter how well Ron Paul polls leading up to state’s primaries, he’s summarily dismissed. In fact, he’s polling a strong second in some states and increasingly gaining favor in other state’s polling. Yet, he still dismissed. So no matter where he shows up in the polls, it’s still a race between the Neo-con American-freedom and liberty haters.

So, I culled a representative sample of media stories that have done exactly what I’ve described, ignore and dismiss Dr. Paul. The continuation of this blatant collusion is waking up many Americans to the fact that there is a force in America drowning out their calls to end America’s gargantuan and over reaching Federal Government. Here’s the latest weekly installment of “let’s collectively ignore Ron Paul” stories.

Tell us what you think of Ron Paul’s maltreatment during this primary season.

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