The attack reporting that AP initited immediately prior to the polls opening in the South Carolina Primary election Saturday morning is exactly why the media cannot be trusted to tell the truth. It also shows their extreme bias towards a non-establishment candidate. That”s another reason voters should seriously consider voting for Dr. Ron Paul. He’s against everything wrong with America and the elite media is wrong for America also.

I wouldn’t have even bothered writing this, but the blantant misrepresentation of Ron Paul, today, by the elistist media pushed me to speak my peace. Here’s the big headline that AP has sent to all it’s member affiliates to run.


Say what? Apparently since Ron Paul went back to Congress to do his job and vote on serious legislation, he dismisses South Carolina voters?

First, he cast a vote against the “for profit” corporation-authored bill SOPA/PIPA, that would have the Federal Government provide and pay for the police enforcement on behalf of “for-profit corporations. It’s called growing government and I can’t imagine any voter being opposed to that.

Second, he introduced legislation to strip the “indefinite detention of American citizens” out of the NDAA bill. I can’t imagine any voter being oppsed to that.

If Ron Paul wasn’t active in the state, why did he manage to make four stop in four separate cities on Friday, including my city of Greenville, SC. See here! Thanks for caring about the folks here in SC Dr. Paul.

If you don’t believe the media running this story before the vote wasn’t intended to upset SC primary voters, why is this story running on nearly every AP affiliated site on the Internet this morning.  I stopped counting after (30). Just go to Google News and type in “Ron Paul Looks Past SC”. Don’t buy the propaganda and go support Ron Paul.