It’s laughable and sad to see what effort the GOP establishment will undertake to make sure their anointed candidate(s) will be elected to run for President. The GOP can’t even manage to cheat voters without getting caught. Whether it’s in Iowa, Nevada, or Maine, at least the GOP is consistent; consistently corrupt.

The fact is the GOP establishment supports a liberty-taking, statist, big-government agenda. The Neo-Conservative stranglehold on the GOP, with their fiscal insanity agenda, will drive the Republican party over a cliff as they seek to start a new
“WAR ON ___________”(FILL IN THE BLANK).

As a registered Republican, I will not support the GOP establishment that is hell bent on demonizing anyone or anything that stands for or stands up for individual liberty and freedom and small government. Whether Ron Paul or any other liberty-minded candidate, their actions should be condemned as they shove unelectable candidates down our throats.

So, even though Maine was primarily a straw vote GOP event held last Saturday, the shenanigans conducted by Maine’s GOP showed that “they just make the rules up as they go”. Counties which caucused a week before the actual caucus didn’t have their votes counted. Of course, there’s the Washington county cancellation where vote numbers will not be calculated in the vote totals. Then there are precincts that verified their totals with GOP headquarters,  only to find the number off substantially. And yes, the candidate effected the most was Ron Paul.

So, as the light slowly shines on this election corruption, and as the actual vote totals trickle in, it will probably be revealed that Paul actually won the caucus.  Here is a video called “Reality Check” from a Maine TV station revealing how much effort the GOP put forth to make sure Romney was the winner of the caucus. Is this what you support? No matter what candidate you voted for, how would you feel about your vote not being counted? Not very good I say. Goodbye GOP!