I’m not really sure you call this fraud. However, corrupt would be a better descriptor for the state GOP processes to elect delegates to the state convention. This is very typical of how things are handled at all levels of the GOP. There are many recorded instances of corruption within the GOP ranks. The bottom-line is this people: The GOP, RNC, DNC, etc.. are all private parties. As with most private parties, there are only rules set forth to enforce the desires of the “party establishment”. If a potential action(s) arise that runs counter to the establishment’s mandate(s, then they do what is necessary to protect that establishment. Regardless that a majority may oppose the actions of a minority “establishment” members within the party, it doesn’t matter. Why?


So, go ahead and think that getting involved within one of the major political parties will alter the corrupt and abusive nature of the Republican and Democrat parties. The result will be exactly what happened in Clark county, GA county GOP convention where the majority of meeting attendants were shut down without voice as the rules were changed before their very eyes. Don’t fool yourself by thinking this is an isolated incident. I leave you by asking a very important question: How can the establishment’s two major political parties, who are private clubs with ever-changing rules and fragmented along state lines, ever lend themselves to fairness and consistency when the state political parties are not held accountable by federal election laws. I don’t like government regulations in general, but this is one area where voter disenfranchised needs to be eliminated. America will never have fair and open elections as long as unaccountable private parties are allowed to control their election game and the ultimate result at the federal level.