So really, what’s all the fuss about securing a state’s ability to conduct accurate and fair elections. All over an ID requirement. Since the Progressive America-destroyers detest the idea of requiring an Id to engage in a right guaranteed in our Constitution, let’s drop the Id requirement for another right guaranteed in our U.S. Constitution – the right to bear arms. I’m afraid you’ll die of old age before the Progressives come around on that.

My conclusion to this opposition on voter Id laws is, allowing illegal aliens, the clueless and ignorant, and the easily misled to vote is only a machination of those who need these groups to get elected. Showing an Id to vote is merely common sense and that definitely goes against the mindset of a Progressive America-destroyer.

Even though beaten to a pulp, lets again see where a person in the U.S. is required to present an Id. By the way, this is a small example.

Get a job
Join the military
Rent a house
Buy a house
Rent a car
Rent a tool
Buy alcohol
Buy tobacco products
Buy an insurance premium of any type
Board an airplane, train, or bus
Using a credit card with you picture on it
Enter the Whitehouse
Leave the U.S.
Enter the U.S.
Use the local county landfill
Get a job
Receive welfare benefits
Get a prescription filled
Buy medical marijuana
Haul hazardous waste
Receive a business license
Pay taxes
Register a vehicle
Get a U.S. National Park Pass
Import products into the U.S.
Export products from the U.S.
Receive farmers aid from the U.S. government
Construct a new building or renovate one, legally
Pull a building permit
Receive a fishing, hunting, trapping , etc.. license
Backpack on Federal Wilderness lands
Rent a motel room
Rent a camping site
Attend college
Receive a college loan
Register minor children in school
Receive vaccinations
Get a green card
Get any temporary work visa in the U.S.


I would keep going, but I think the point is made. The criticism over the voter Id laws is unfounded, especially when those who would supposedly be discriminated against are already required to present Id’s in their daily economic activities. This is merely a machination by Progressives to swell the ranks of their “welfare plantation” to ensure a long-term Progressive dominance over America. So the unfounded cries from the Progressive media, “voter Id laws resurrecting Jim Crow”, is nothing but another attempt to bring us in step with the rest of the Socialist world. Here is the latest stories, for and against, the state’s new voter Id measures. Continue contacting your elected officials to strengthen voter laws to ensure an accurate and transparent voting process. The next step is to eliminate electronic voting machines and the opaqueness that shroud its operation.

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