I really don’t believe most people in America who support Marxist ideology actually know they support Neo-Marxism. Considering it’s being disguised as Progressivism, it’s easy to understand. Merely painting this as a Democrat phenomenon would be unjust. It’s an issue that affects so-called Republicans as well. It’s probably not intentional, but harmful nonetheless. We call this group “useful idiots”. They perpetuate this hard-left, so-called, Progressive agenda (Neo-Marxist) influence partly through hateful partisan politics. You ask the average Joe, who may hold one or more of the following beliefs, why they support Marxism or Communism and you will most likely get a resounding denial of that charge. Hence, the term “useful idiot” describes the predicament they find themselves in.

100+ Signs That You’re a Useful Idiot of Marxists:

1. Believe the U.S. Should pass new “comprehensive” immigration laws because the Executive branch of our government unilaterally bypasses and ignores the current laws in place

2. Claim that Americans opposed to illegal immigration, hate legal immigrants and legal immigration

3. Want to have stricter gun laws for law abiding citizens that won’t be followed by criminals

4. Call Constitutional and fiscally-minded members of Congress “domestic terrorist”, “domestic enemies”, “hostage takers”, “spousal abusers”, “wacko birds”, etc.. for wanting America to control spending

5. Promote the idea of curbing run-away government growth is solved by raising taxes and reducing services

6. Call any American who opposes the policies of Obama a racist

7. Believe that having to show an id to vote in America is racist

8. Oppose crony capitalism, unless it’s a democrat in office engaging in it

9. Call anyone who disagrees with you politically a racist

10. Claim that any dislike for President Obama is the results of being racist and hating a black man

11.You’re idea of a political debate is reduced to ad-hominen attacks when you have no facts to back up your claims

12. If you believe that there’s actually such a thing as a “shovel-ready” job

13. Believe that growing the size of government is an effective jobs bill

14. Call welfare payments and food stamp issuance an economic stimulus

15. Call Tea Party Patriots a hate group

16. You think most Muslims are moderate freedom fighters, but the Tea Party is an extreme terrorist organization

17. Think that the U.S. Constitution is a living, breathing document

18. Think that the paedophile Fabian Socialist John Maynard Keynes was a hero and great man

19. Believe that Marxism is not a danger to America

20. Believe that Communism will bring world peace and create a utopia for the “world citizen”

21. Consider the “Poverty Law Center” an accurate, unbiased, and reliable source for listings of “hate groups”

22. Call yourself a “citizen of the world”

23. Call yourself a “Globalist”

24. Call America’s attempt to control its borders a racist policy, while ignoring the fact that all other countries in the world do it

25. Call for an American “open borders” policy

26. Think that Unions didn’t contribute to American manufacturers moving to non-unionized third-world  countries

27. If you use the line “illegal immigrants shouldn’t be prosecuted and deported because they do jobs Americans won’t”

28. Believe that the federal government is the answer to all societal ills

29. Think the federal government is honest

30. Call for government to take over all means of production and distribute our country’s natural resources

31. Deny that our country is run for the benefit of crony capitalists

32. Deny that many laws in our country are written by special-interest lobby groups

33. Believe there’s really any difference between most Congressmen

34. You don’t know what the word “statist” means

35. Believe that every American deserves a guaranteed job, free housing, free transportation, free food, free health care, and free daycare because it’s part of the “general welfare” clause of the Constitution

36. Call people that truly love America terrorist, hostage takers, jihadists, spousal abusers, American haters, etc..

37. You use phrases like social justice, economic justice, and environmental justice in describing your political philosophy

38. Call people who don’t support aborting babies “women-haters”

39. You support organized labor (unions) and were not a tool of Communist to destroy a free society and free enterprise

40. Believe that all government employees needs to be unionized

41. Anyone who disagrees with your political philosophy is a hater

42. Accuse the failure of the Obamacare website launch on the Koch Brothers.

43. Yell the slogan, “this is what Democracy looks like”

44. Blame Obamacare failure on President Bush

45. Call for confiscatory tax rates, as long it’s not you being taxed at this rate

46. Label America as an Imperialist nation

47. Hold signs and shout in public “workers of the world unite”

48. Support a right for prisoners to form unions

49. Don’t believe in a god, but still think man is his own god and created himself

50. Accuse Republicans of protecting and being the largest recipients of the finance/banking industry, when in fact, Obama is the largest protector and recipient of that industry

51. You call on our Federal government to spread the wealth, but not your wealth

52. You hate the American Constitution, yet can’t cite a single line of it

53. Claim that Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and Teddy Roosevelt were the greatest American Presidents

54. Are against the banking/finance industry, but support Keynesian Economics

55. Say that MSNBC is an example of unbiased truth-reporting

56. You believe our liberties should be rationed by government

57. State that Fox News doesn’t push for constant war in the Middle East

58. Claims that “General Welfare” in the Constitution refers to government provided food stamps and free housing

59. Support Obama’s desire to “transform America”

60. Get upset when you prove that the Clintons are Fabian Socialists

61. Call anyone using the term “Neo-conservative” a racist or anti-Semite

62. Think that more Americans should be on food stamps

63. Believe that only government can create jobs by passing taxpayer-funded stimulus programs

64. Still believe there exists something Obama calls “shovel-ready jobs”

65. Denounce NSA intrusion of American’s communication, but call for the prosecution of Edward Snowden

66. If your favorite groups in America include, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Moveon.org, ACORN, Center for American Progress, Mother Jones, and Media Matters

67. You carry the former Russian “hammer and sickle“ flag at protests

68. Wear Che Guevara t-shirts

69. Still grieve over the death of Hugo Chavez because he was a great democratic leader

70. Argue that Karl Marx wasn’t Marxist

71. Think that the Obama slogan “Forward” is the greatest use of the word since the days when it was the title of a Communist publication

72. You believe the Marx’s “The Communist Manifesto” is the greatest publication ever written

73. Think that a minimum wage of $15.00/hr won’t cause prices of goods and services to rise

74. Your freuent means of stifling a debate is to accuse someone of engaging in McCarthyism

75. You still believe Joe McCarthy was a lying traitor even though the “Verona Papers” proved him right

76. Made claims of man-made global cooling, but now claim it’s man-made global warming

77. Use the terms global warming and climate change interchangeably

78. Still use the term “working class” to describe America’s employed workers

79. Consider Representative Democracy the same as pure Democracy

80. Use happy sounding names and terms to describe oppressive laws and regulations

81. Don’t believe in a united America, but one of 1000’s designated diverse groups that all demand their special rights

82. Dedicated to the abolition of male supremacy and class society

83. Want to eliminate businesses being able to make a profit

84. Call the “Communist Manifesto” a fake document

85. Don’t think “Charlie The Unicorn” video is funny

86. Think that the U.N. can solve all the world’s problems

87. Promote or support the notion of “the war on poverty”, the war on women”, “the war on drugs”, “the war terrorism”, as a means of control through people’s emotions

88. Support the “Unaffordable Care Act” as a means to implement a “single-payer” health system

89. Believe that fraud, abuse, and waste in government is myth made up by Conservatives

90. Support the right of women to choose to have abortions, at no cost, regardless of age, race, or circumstance

91. Consider pedophilia normal sexual expression

92. Promote the idea that people of color, lesbians and gays, and other supposed oppressed groups need independent organization to fight oppression

93. The uglier art is, the more it should be appreciated

94. Have a penchant for art depicting phallic symbols

95. Decry the abuses of the “1%”, while many of the “1%” are progressives and Marxists like themselves

96. Love to use the word “freedom” to describe their oppressive politics

97. Create groups such as the “Memphis Bus Riders Union (MBRU) “and “Homeless Organizing for Power and Equality”

98. Call for reparations be paid to the ancestors of black Americans

99. Deny that Barack Obama actively sought and received the stamp of approval of a Marxist third party that operated briefly in Chicago between 1992 and 1998

100. Even though regretting voting for Obama, they still denounce anyone who speaks out against Obama

101. Claim that Obama is not a socialist or Marxist, even though they can’t define either term

102. Claim that man has no “natural rights”

103. Can’t define “wedge issue” from a political perspective

104. State that Communism cannot be proven wrong

105. Still defend Ethyl and Julian Rosenberg as heroes

106. Use the phrase “ phony scandals”  to cover for the federal government actions in “Fast and Furious”, IRS targeting of political opposition, Bengazi murder of four Americans, and Obamacare roll-out disaster

107. Think that the furloughed Federal Government workers deserve to get paid for not working and shouldn’t have to return the unemployment checks they received during this furlough

108. Agree that the Federal Government spending money staffing employees to keep parks and attractions closed, where normally no money is spent on staffing at all, is appropriate

109. Continue to argue that the Obama administration is the most transparent administration in U.S. history

110. Now blame insurance companies for cancelling policies that were required under Obamacare

111. Think that a  must-read for the successful politician, agitator, and community organizer is “Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals”

112. Blame Republicans for not passing a budget for five years, even when Democrats had a majority in both chambers of Congress

113. Think the reason for the Obamacare website roll-out failure was due to not spending enough money on it

114. If your user name is “Inailedmichellebachman” and your response to an opposing viewpoint provokes you to make the comment, “We have a serious infestation of conservative cockroaches here”

115. Decry “profit-making industries” as evil, but agree that the Federal Government’s law requiring Americans to buy a product from a “profit-making industry” is ok

116. Use the term “draconian” to describe trimming 0.10% from the Federal budget

117. Claim that anyone wanting to streamline and cut waste/fraud/abuse from Social Security or Medicare as “wanting the push granny over the cliff”

118. Use Amtrak as an example of Federal Government efficiency

119. Say that that the Federal Government can cut cost by raising taxes

120. Call for more tax dollars to be given to companies like Solyndra

121. Deflect away from the fact that Obama is first president to be able to claim an unemployment rate of over 7.2% for over 5 years straight and blame on Republicans

122. Claim that Obama stimulus spending of close to $1 trillion on bogus stimulus was a success and call for more stimulus spending

123. Claim that sequester cuts for the Federal Government are good when Obama supported them, but now are against them since Obama is now against them

124. Think that Obama closing the White House to public visitors is ok, at the same time holding $10,000/plate dinners for the uber-rich

125. Call people who support “States’ rights” terrorist and domestic enemies

126. Think that the Federal Government is too small

127. Agree that Obama purging over 200 military commanders from service is ok if they don’t support his agenda

128. Call “occupy wall street” protesters heroes, but call the men/woman of the military the enemy

129. Calling for Obama to bypass Congress on lawmaking

130. Think all Americans should be required, under penalty, to purchase health insurance, unless you are a member to Congress, a Congressional aide, a union member, or “Corporate America”

131. It’s appropriate for Obama to bypass Congress and pass a secret “Amnesty” program for illegal aliens

132. It’s good policy for the White House administration to repeatedly prosecute whistle blowers

133. Support Obama racially dividing America and calling it healthy for America

134. State that “right to work” laws are akin to slavery

135. Claim that the only viable energy source is windmill power

136. Consider it special and appropriate for the President to hide his medical, educational and travel records

137. Claim it’s ok for Obama to go on 19 lavish vacations, including date nights and Wednesday evening White House parties for his friends, paid for by the taxpayer

138. Support the President refusal to wear the U.S. Flag lapel pin

139. Call even Democrats who oppose the Obama Administration’s racist teabaggers

140. Decry crony lobbyists’ practices unless they’re lobbying for a Progressive/Marxist cause

141. Vote to remove the word G_d from the Democrat platform

142. Refer to voter-id laws as “Jim Crow” laws”

143. Support the current progressive U.S Tax Code, even though it’s partly designed to perpetuate the crony capitalist-Federal Government relationship (Oligarchy) you rail against