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Considering the deplorable and corrupt media’s continued insufferable and continuous gaslighting during TV coverage of the U.S Presidential election last night, I knew not to watch. After watching real-time results online for about three hours, there was no doubt Donald Trump was the clear winner. However, a quick check on TV at the 11’clock hour to confirm they were still predicting a Hillary landslide, made the eventual Trump victory that much more delicious. It was just a matter if Trump would breech the 300 EV count and how galactic the hysterical and very emotional reaction of a Trump win would be for all the Hillary/NeverTrump crowd. His victory speech was a bit better than watching the meltdown, but not much. So, as a continuation of this joyous occasion, we will continue to gloat. Enjoy these SJW moments of sorrow, compliments of Mark Dice.

Brought to you by Right Side Broadcasting, LLC., Donald Trump holds an event to benefit military veterans on 01/28/16, as he chose not to attend the Fox News hosted debate ambush. Enjoy!


In case you missed it, musician, Ted Nugent, woke the crowd up at a recent NRA convention with a fiery speech regarding Obama the Constitution hater and the permanent damage a 2nd term Obama would  inflict upon our Supreme Court and American liberty. Enjoy the video!


Unfortunately, this next Presidential election boils down to one primary concern. Who will appoint the next two justices to the Supreme Court of The United States. All the Supreme Court justices currently sitting on the bench engage in some form of political activism. However, it seems the Progressive faction has a certain penchant for advocating more extreme lurches. Four more years of Barack Obama will ensure the replacement of Kennedy and Ginsburg with Kagan/Sotomayer hard-core, borderline Marxist, clones.

For all who care to defeat this ultra-Progressive, Marxist stranglehold put in place to bring America to her knees, we need to unite and vote for the Presidential candidate who will appoint non-Progressive Supreme Court justices to pull us from the clutches of Marxism. I’d vote for a stump to unseat Obama at this point, and I don’t think the GOP will put up more than stump to run against him. Whoever, the stump is, let us support him and sanitize the Marxist infected halls of the White House. We can concentrate on Removing that GOP stump in 2016 and planting a new Tree of Liberty.

A special thanks for this video brought to you by Government Gone Wild.

Hypocrite Indeed!

This entire issue of “Ron Paul newsletters” was beaten to a pulp by the media and Establishment D.C. hacks in 2008. Well, if the public had been anything but brain dead and waiting for the next instalment of Dancing With The Stars, they would have understood Ron Paul’s position clearly. The man has not a racist bone in his body.

So why the same unrelenting attacks again, four years later. Because the American public, politically speaking,  has the attention span of a two-year old. Besides that, the major media in America is dishonest and nothing but an arm of their respective political party, which is basically one in the same.

I would say if Ron Paul was a racist, as claimed, he wouldn’t have a black man, James Williams, featured in a video talking about how Ron Paul was the only person to help his wife, while in the hospital, experiencing a difficult pregnancy. As quoted  by Mr. Williams,

“Then Ron Paul came to my rescue”.

Then Mr. Williams statement will give an indication why both the Democrats, Republicans, and the media will do every thing in their power to disparage Ron Paul.

“He’s just an honest man and that’s something we need now in this day and time. It’s a lot of politics and no honesty.”

Below is the video of Mr. Williams validation of Ron Paul’s love for all human life.

There is an effort to get this run on national TV, so please go this link to contribute to this cause. Campaign For Liberty