It didn’t take long after the deadly devastating tornado outbreak across the South for the “global warmers/climate changers” to show that idiocy and lunacy are core common denominators in “progressive-think”. In fact, this is just another, in a enormous list of reasons, why the diseased-ridden movement of Progressivism needs to be eliminated from American culture.

Please say a prayer for those suffering after the devastating tornadoes that ravaged the Southeastern U.S. this week. Unfortunately, found in the comment section of a CBS article, we can see how the Progressive mind thinks and how they really feel about the victims of these tornadoes.


by noloyalisti April 28, 2011 11:09 PM EDT
So these are the poor red states who let their maniac elected reps deny confirmed man made global climate change. In fact they voted for the freaks. So maybe this is coming back as their (and our) worst nightmares. This is why liberals and progressive MUST run America, the conservative and Republican brains are too tense (two tenths the size of a normal brain).

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Controlling Americans

Controlling Americans

If you took the time to look at Congressional representation in Detroit, MI, you will find (D-15, 16) were represented by only two people since 1935. That’s correct, only two in 75 years. To compound that issue, the two Congressman came in the form of a father-son combo.

The death of Detroit comes partly at the hands of the socialist relic congressman John Conyers representing the Detroit district (MI-14) for close to 30 years. Detroit’s fate also lies with the Congressional control of (MI-16) by a father-son combo. John Lesinski, Sr. held the seat March 4, 1933–May 27, 1950. He died in office and a special election brought his son into the seat. John Lesinski, Jr. served from January 3, 1951–January 3, 1965.

(MI-15), created in 1933 was represented by John Dingell Sr. March 3, 1933 – September 19, 1955. He was replaced by his son John Dingell Jr., in a special election, after  Dingell Sr. died in office. John Dingle Jr.  represented (MI-15) December 13, 1955 – January 3, 1965.  (MI-16) was merged in 1965 with (MI-15). John Dingell Jr. defeated John Lesinski, Jr. in the 1965 election. Confused yet? Your supposed to be. Michigan has been a subject of Gerrymandering for years and the results were fruitful for Progressives.

This Congressional area was essentially controlled by (2) father-son combos. John Dingell Jr. is the Dean of Congress, being its longest serving member. Ironically enough, John Dingell Jr.’s wife is the daughter of one of the founders of GM (Government Motors).

For a man in this position, I thought one of the most moronic statements he made was in an interview with C-Span in 2007 when discussing taxing Americans for climate change. Excepts below:

ANDREWS:  Yes.  Can you tell us anything more about what combination of bills will actually be in the package that arrives in July?…

DINGELL:  …Everything from clothes washers, dryers, dishwashers, dehumidifiers, residential boilers will be covered, and a lot of other things, including refrigerators and freezers…This will be mandated – something which has been avoided by every administration since we passed the first legislation back in the 1970s.

HITT:  You sketched a bill that does not include production incentives for fossil fuels – coal and oil, natural gas…

DINGELL: I pointed out that we’re going to go into the consideration of a much broader bill with much more controversial questions, including the overall question of global warming…

SWAIN:  …Mr. Chairman, I want to go back to your statement that the American people want action. Does that also correlate with the American people being willing to pay higher prices, because of energy legislation?

DINGELL:  I sincerely doubt that the American people are willing to pay what this is really going to cost them…I will be introducing in the next little bit a carbon tax bill, just to sort of see how people really feel about this.  And it will impose, for example, on gasoline a 50 cent tax. It also will place a very substantial tax on CO2 emissions, amounting to a double-digit tax on tons of CO2 emitted…

You talk about trying to kill his cash cow. Knowing that GM was not in a good position at that time to effectively compete with foreign competitors’ fuel efficiency, why would he even support this notion. Drive more customers away from union-dominated GM is certainly a way to help help kill GM it or drive it into bankruptcy.

I think Dingell has gotten so senile, he forgot to keep his mouth shut about the Progressives’ agenda to communize America.  Yesterday on a radio interview, the twelve minute with John Dingell Jr. provides about ten minutes of DNC (Progressive) talking points. Yep, the same ones. The funny thing is that he couldn’t even follow the script in a straight voice. Below is the interview, and you probably can’t take his rambling talking points diatribe, so go to the 6:23 minute mark.


” Listen Paul W., we’re not ready to be doing it, but let me remind you. This has been going on for years. We’re bringing it to a halt. The harsh fact of the matter is, when you’re going to pass legislation that will cover 300 hundred American people in different ways, it takes a long time to, to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people. “

The once great city of Detroit is dead because this Congressman and his Progressive predecessors have turned it into a Union-controlled welfare slum city. It seems Mr. Dingell has done a good job of controlling his constituents, approximately 75% minority. Keep them dumb and happy with welfare and they will always keep you in office.

How do you feel about being controlled by the likes of John Dingell. Let’s fight to remove this Progressive scum from office and find someone who supports the Constitution of America.

So, China is the world’s largest polluting country. More than likely, the U.S. and other developed countries have precipitated this by moving manufacturing overseas to reduce their cost of doing business. The policies of the U.S. Federal government have placed such a financial burden on the U.S. manufacturing sector that it remains difficult to operate profitably.  Even though China would have remained a super-third-world nation and employment in the U.S. would have suffered much less, the benefit of this manufacturing relocation, in the eyes of the Chinese government, is non-existent and they say we have caused them to become the largest polluting country in the world. What the heck did the Chinese expect when they opened up their doors to the manufacturing world in an attempt to lift their country from their third world status? They had to of known the implications of their decisions in this regard, yet they expect to remain fiscally unaccountable for remedying the problem they helped create.

So this week at the Copenhagen conference, China and other third-world (and developing) countries are declaring a boycott until developed nations, like the U.S. and Britain, pay for the proposed wealth distribution outlined in the IPCC mandate. An AP story today, gives some insight into what these developed countries expect from this agreement.

China, India and other developing nations boycotted U.N. climate talks Monday, bringing negotiations to a halt with their demand that rich countries discuss much deeper cuts in their greenhouse gas emissions.

The move disrupted the 192-nation conference and forced the cancellation of formal working groups, delaying the frantic work of negotiators trying to resolve technical issues before the arrival of more than 110 world leaders later this week.


The boycott was largely seen as a ploy to shift the agenda to the responsibilities of the industrial countries and make emissions reductions the first item for discussion.

While this is certainly mere posturing on the part of China and India, it stills shows the rift that lies between modernized and developing nations. These countries’ governments are not willing to commit themselves financially to a problem that they take no responsibility for. However, the bottom-line is –  they want to pollute while we pay for it. Confirmation of this comes from a quote from a participant at Copenhagen

Gustavo Silva-Chavez, a climate change specialist with the Environmental Defense Fund. “They want to make sure that developed countries are not left off the hook.”

Apparently, in an attempt to circumvent this dissent among developing nations, the White House announced an international effort to help these developing nations create greenhouse gas-free energy.

the White House announced a new program drawing funds from international partners to spend $350 million over five years to give developing nations clean energy technology to curb greenhouse gas emissions

The program will distribute solar power alternatives for homes, including sun-powered lanterns, supply cleaner equipment and appliances and work to develop renewable energy systems in the world’s poorer nations.

So the entire agenda of the developing countries is same as the overall goals of the unelected and unaccountable world government body, the U.N. Whether it’s wealth transference from country to country or individual to individual, it’s still socialism. So, if the socialists’ ploy in your own government is not well received by its citizens, it will get its “Big Brother”, the U.N,. to furthers its goals.

So, whether it’s coming from communist China or the Marxist-lite Obama administration, their end goals are the same:

Provide social and economic justice to those who have suffered from capitalism and wealth distribution to those who demonize capitalism.

Today, in an AP story, we see the Progressives are concerned over public doubts about man’s detrimental effects on climate change and doubts about being taxed by a world government organization that is held accountable by no one.  Well, the AP, a proud proponent of perpetual propaganda commits to their cause by ratcheting up the rhetoric with their, “we’re doomed, it’s too late, we’ll never make it” BS.

This piece is to merely make a point. When progressives get fearful of losing their corrupt-laden propaganda wars, they put the fear generating machine into double-production mode. Examples please:

With the world losing the battle against global warming so far

ultimately moving people, plants and animals out of harm’s way

Society needs to be changing as much as wildlife is changing

climate change is happening rapidly

Adaptation will be particularly challenging because the rate of change is escalating

Cities, states and countries are scrambling to adapt

The U.N. climate chief, Yvo de Boer, said $10 billion to $12 billion a year is needed from developed countries through 2012 to “kick-start” things. Then it will get even more expensive.

failing to adapt would be even more expensive

a pretty strong moral case for us giving them assistance for the impacts that we’ve largely caused.

the world will have to create a triage system to figure out which living things can be saved, which can’t and are effectively goners

It’s a brutal way to go about things

some coastal cities will not be able to survive rising seas no matter what protections are put in place

Now for a moment, take all the quotes from above and read them together. it reads like the thousands upon thousands of boogie man climate change scare stories they’ve circulated in the last decade. And the newspaper industry is wondering why it’s in intensive care. It’s not the economy. People are tired of paying for news that’s controlled by a few (progressive or neo-conservative) that promote their own special interests.

Don’t listen to this mixed bag of neo-Liberals, neo-Marxists, Trotskyites, Democratic Socialists, and neo-Conservatives that have been working on transforming America since they fled Russia in the early 1900’s. These are the ilk that the White House is full of.

Wake up and Cut Off The TV.

Australia’s Senate voted against the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) as a step toward rejecting U.N. climate change legislation. They are obviously concerned about the implications of complying with the U.N. mandates when its citizens are split on the issue. There’s a huge concern over the cost of such a plan that will tax Australians to fund a cap and trade scheme. However, Australia’s government will seek to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions through a Land Management proposal that will not involve cap and trade.

Well, the Labor Party (liberals) seems to believe that insanity is not defined as “doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result”. They are gonna keep throwing this thing against the wall until it sticks or falls apart. Here’s how they put it:

Despite the Senate’s rejection of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme establishing a double-dissolution trigger, Julia Gillard said the government would give the Coalition “one more chance” to change its mind. The Acting Prime Minister said Labor would introduce a new CPRS bill, including amendments agreed to by the Coalition under ousted leader Malcolm Turnbull, to parliament in February in the hope that “calmer heads” within the Coalition would shift their positions.

The Senate’s opposition leader made a great point:

Mr Abbott greeted yesterday’s Senate vote by declaring it had saved Australia from “a great big, new tax” by rejecting the CPRS…he said the Opposition remained committed to an unconditional target of reducing emissions by 5 per cent by 2020

Yesterday, Abbott ousted Malcolm Turnbull and scrapped pro-CPRS policy. However, just like the progressives in the U.S. Federal Government, Labor will not give up as stated by a Labor Party member:

Labor would reintroduce the bill when parliament returned in February, complete with the amendments agreed to by Mr Turnbull before he was dumped by his colleagues.”We are doing this to give the Liberal Party one chance to work through and deal with this legislation in the national interest…”

Well, the legislation will be brought up and voted on in 2010, but the Opposition said it will defeat it. Of course, the Labor Party states they’ll keep bringing it up for a vote until it passes (or falls apart) just to prove they are insane, as aforementioned. Maybe this will affect the U.S.’s position on the U.N. treaty. However, I would vote that insanity prevails.

India re-iterated it’s intention of not signing any binding agreement to cut greenhouse gasses as proposed in the U.N. climate treaty. India and China, two of the largest emitters of greenhouse gas said the effort would stifle their economic prosperity. They would only agree that they will be more receptive to the U.N. goals if the majority cost of the scheme be shouldered by rich countries, like the U.S.  As reported:

In an interview on the CNN-IBN news channel, Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh said the draft proposal “clearly is unacceptable to us”.

India has said any cap on emissions growth would hamper its rapid economic expansion, which relies on heavily polluting fuels like coal.

India has yet to announce any figures for limiting its carbon output ahead of Copenhagen, but insists it will never accept legally binding emissions targets.

Ramesh said Chinese climate change envoy Xie Zhenhua would soon hand over a more acceptable negotiating draft to Denmark, adding that India stood firm with China, South Africa and Brazil “as far as negotiations are concerned”.

Climate envoys from the four developing countries met in Beijing over the weekend, reiterating their position that developed countries must shoulder most carbon emissions cuts.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said last week that India would “sign on to an ambitious global target for emissions reductions” if rich countries paid more to fund mitigation efforts in the poorer world.

Hopefully, they will continue to reject ad infinitum.