If I were a Marxist leader in America trying to eradicate freedom and liberty established in America’s founding documents, I would, well, keep pushing the same supposed “Progressive” agenda cast upon Americans since the early 1900’s. Every grand step in that Progressive wonderland has followed lockstep with Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, as you can read here. Unfortunately, for the Marxists in America, this agenda, once fully recognized and experienced by free Americans, would surely be soundly rejected. Right? However, the Marxist’s partnership with Fabian Socialists has allowed for this freedom-choking agenda to be introduced through incrementalism and most victims of this transformation are sold this bill of goods through the mantra of “progress”.  And, of course, who wants to stand in the way of “progress? You’re not a hater are you? In a nutshell, Americans would not tolerate the implementation of Communism or Marxism willingly. We were given, through our Bill of Rights, the means in which to combat such a Marxist takeover of our Democratic Representative Republic. It’s called our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. Seeing that America has elected a very Marxist-leaning President, his latest move to curtail American’s 2nd Amendment right is “progressing” nicely. The gun-grabbing supporters of this President claim they want to “protect the children” and that the latest mandates introduced are soft measures to keep guns out of the hands the crazies. Nothing serious right? Well, in looking at past Communist government’s efforts to break its citizen’s resistance to Communism, gun ownership was banned or severely limited. An outright firearm ownership ban in America will not be tolerated by the American people, so limiting gun ownership would have to suffice. So if I were a Marxist, I would expand the definition of “mental illness” infinitely, as to make sure to label anyone (except the special people) mentally ill.

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You got to love the “new” Obama campaign slogan, “FORWARD”, that reflects the roots of his Marxist beliefs.

The Washington Times summed it up best:

The Obama campaign apparently didn’t look backwards into history when selecting its new campaign slogan, “Forward” — a word with a long and rich association with European Marxism.

…The slogan “Forward!” reflected the conviction of European Marxists and radicals that their movements reflected the march of history, which would move forward past capitalism and into socialism and communism.

The Marxists/Communists and Socialists/Progressives are flaunting their desires for America in plain view now while average Americans just yawn as they return to their slumber.


Remember when the Tea Party movement, made up of regular fiscally responsible taxpayers, fed up with taxation used to continue the Federal Government largess and incensed over TARP bank bailouts, decided to protest against fiscally irresponsible government management of our country. It was bad enough that we were demonized as racists and haters by the establishment Republicans and Democrats, and the Progressive/Socialist major media outlets. Then when the Republican Establishment couldn’t dissuade the movement from continuing it’s activism, they began the effort of co-opting the Tea Party. With what appeared to be a successful resistance against the co-opting and demonization, I thought the movement was going to remain a sovereign movement fighting for the survival of America. But now comes the most bizarre chapter in the Tea party movement; the acceptance of a new triple-tax plan by Republican Presidential nominee, Herman Cain, which includes a national sales tax or VAT.


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It’s more like the American Marxists Nightmare. Oh, they are trying to reverse engineer the Tea Party movement as to achieve success. According to these Marxists/Progressives, the Tea Party members are terrorist. I guess if ya can’t beat them, uh uh, then copy them. Here is the website where this Marxist trash can be found. The listing of supporting organizations looks like a Glenn Beck magnet-filled blackboard.

The Contract for the American Dream is our blueprint for creating an economy that works for all of us. We’re looking for the best ideas to rebuild the American Dream and unite our movement. The more ideas you rate, the better the Contract will be.

I can’t wait!


So the Socialists running the White House and their henchmen have American taxpayers funding their efforts to make sure Capitalism is killed. Now that the Socialists in the White House have become very transparent in their efforts to turn American into a European socialist nanny-state, it’s past time for liberty and freedom-loving Americans to bring this effort to a halt. While obviously nothing will happen until Conservatives take the majority in both chambers of Congress, there’s still no time to waste in educating America as to the demands that should be placed on those Conservatives beyond the 2012 elections. For those Congressmen waiving the conservative banner but unwilling to act on restoring Federal Government sanity, I say to the curb with your sorry butts.

Here is some coverage on the continued attempts by our Federal Government and unions to make sure no private employers in America can afford bloated wages and benefits.



TSA Asscrack Screeners Need Run-off Vote To Choose Union

Federal Labor Agency NLRB Tries To Block Non-union Boeing Plant

The Feds NLRB Seeks To Achieve Through Agency Fiat Radical Statutory Changes Congress Doesn’t Want To Enact

Big Government Republicans Pass On Reduced Funding For Overfunded NLRB

NLRB Initiative Helps To Unionize All Workers In America At The Expense Of The Taxpayer

Taxpayer Funded NLRB Still Spending Millions On Squabbling Millionaire NFL Owners and Players

Taxpayers Money Used So NLRB Head Lafe Solomon Can Educate The Public In Detroit About Collective Bargaining

NLRB Assists To Unionize The Biscuit People

Workers Memorial Day In Place To Remind Of Us How Great Unions Are For Killing America

AFL-CIO Celebrates Attempt To Recall 4th WI Lawmaker

AFL-CIO Claims Requiring ID Top Vote Is Racist and Aimed at Suppressing Votes Of College Students, Immigrants, Rural Voters, Senior Citizens, The Disabled, The Poor and The Homeless

AFL-CIO Still Claims Vote Fraud Pushed Prosser To Victory In WI Supreme Court Race

Union Celebrate That NM Governor Can’t Fire 3 NM NLRB Members

TN Company Ordered By Judge and NLRB To Hire Back Workers Disrupting Company Operations While Trying To Force Unionization

NLRB Issues Complaint Against Reuters For Reprimanding A Reporter For Criticizing Company Anti-Union Policies On Twitter

Former SEIU Official Appointed by Obama to Investigate Union Corruption, Cuts Number of Investigators

NLRB Head Pushes For Mandate Allowing Union Access To All Private No-union Businesses

NLRB Initiates Actions Over Firing Of Medical Employee For Denigrating Her Company on Facebook

I thought it impossible for the liberty-loving American to not easily conclude that our country is now a certified quasi-socialist state. I am correct in the assumption that the tenets of socialism are completely incompatible with a Democratic Republic.  I never thought it would take so much time for this conclusion to be reached by the informed, un-indoctrinated American. However, those people in that category are in the extreme minority. I make no political party distinction when trying determine the percentage of useful idiots who have bought into our political system in which the political actors utilize class, race, and gender warfare to achieve their goals of progressing the socialist state.  There’s no distinction here regarding political parties. Both Democrat and Republican parties are guilty of unknowingly establishing America as a socialist state. All of these parties of political actors and citizens are responsible for the demise of the American Republic. I forgive them.

However, I do not forgive those who wage war against freedom and liberty for the sake of economic, social, and environmental justice. One such group would be pubic union members, their leaders, and the political actors who have produced and staged their play, “War on American Freedom”. In all of my reading about American history, one subject has captivated my attention incessantly – the infiltration by certain anti-freedom agents in all of America’s once great institutions.

So several years I came across information that provided some very intriguing insights on the methods and means in which free societies become captive to small groups. I ask you to read the following information presented and you will immediately understand the point I’m making. I deleted a particular word or phrase and replaced with a blank spot. As you read, replace the eliminated space with the word or phrase Democrat or Democratic Party. It will strike you as very applicable to the current state of affairs in today’s America. Then you may begin to understand the play we currently find ourselves the audience of. Actually, this reading would provide a great lesson on how to deal effectively with the public unions, who continue to make unrealistic demands on the American taxpayer. At the end of reading this, please click on the link below it and you will see how the public union members have had their own ignorance used against them to promote another agenda.

The Organizational Structure of the ___________, the Methods and Content of Their Work

  • In the period prior to open revolutionary insurrection, revolutionary propaganda and agitation is one of our most important tasks. For the most part, however, this work is still prepared and carried out in the old-established formal manner and is limited to occasional interventions in mass meetings, without any special attention being given to the actual revolutionary content of speeches and pamphlets.
  • ___________ propaganda and agitation must take root in the proletarian milieu. It must grow out of the actual life of the workers, their common interests and aspirations and, above all, their common struggle.
  • The most important aspect of ______________  propaganda is its revolutionary content. The slogans and the positions taken on concrete questions in different situations must always be carefully considered from this standpoint. The ___________ will not be capable of adopting the correct position on every question unless the fun-time propagandists and agitators and all members of the Party are given a thorough and continuous political education.
  • The main forms of ___________  propaganda and agitation are as follows: verbal propaganda on an individual level, participation in the trade-union and political workers’ movement, and the Party press and Party literature.
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