I’m not really sure you call this fraud. However, corrupt would be a better descriptor for the state GOP processes to elect delegates to the state convention. This is very typical of how things are handled at all levels of the GOP. There are many recorded instances of corruption within the GOP ranks. The bottom-line is this people: The GOP, RNC, DNC, etc.. are all private parties. As with most private parties, there are only rules set forth to enforce the desires of the “party establishment”. If a potential action(s) arise that runs counter to the establishment’s mandate(s, then they do what is necessary to protect that establishment. Regardless that a majority may oppose the actions of a minority “establishment” members within the party, it doesn’t matter. Why?


So, go ahead and think that getting involved within one of the major political parties will alter the corrupt and abusive nature of the Republican and Democrat parties. The result will be exactly what happened in Clark county, GA county GOP convention where the majority of meeting attendants were shut down without voice as the rules were changed before their very eyes. Don’t fool yourself by thinking this is an isolated incident. I leave you by asking a very important question: How can the establishment’s two major political parties, who are private clubs with ever-changing rules and fragmented along state lines, ever lend themselves to fairness and consistency when the state political parties are not held accountable by federal election laws. I don’t like government regulations in general, but this is one area where voter disenfranchised needs to be eliminated. America will never have fair and open elections as long as unaccountable private parties are allowed to control their election game and the ultimate result at the federal level.

"Big Stick" Rick Wants An ISP Beat-down

As a resident of Upstate South Carolina, being from Charleston, I took personal offense to Obama’s big government thugs putting the beat-down on South Carolinians and Boeing. If you liked this kind overreaching government action, then you should love Rick Santorum.

This new overreach from the SOPA legislation, sponsored by Congressman Lamar Smith, hit a big nerve that should really bother Americans. Most people seem to overlook this crucial fact:


That’s exactly one of the major problems in America. Our country is run by and on behalf of Corporations. And yes, America is an Oligarchy.

Rick Santorum, in the following video, displays the biggest reason he not qualified to even politically represent any constituent. “Big Stick” Rick approves the government beat-down on ISP’s if the entertainment industry insists. You and I get to pick up the tab. I guess Mr. “Big Stick” Rick could join in on the beat-downs.

Bottom-line: If the entertainment industry wants to prevent or prosecute piracy, that’s fine. There are many legal remedies to address that issue, so they should seek them. Just keep your hands out of my pocket and finance your own folly. “Big Stick Rick thinks American Taxpayers should foot the bill.

There is plenty of research material available on Mitt Romney regarding his political positions. Some of the GOP Presidential nominees, political pundits, and the GOP establishment decry the use of this research if it comes from objectionable sources. That’s a straw man argument originated to squelch any criticism based on DNC’s or Democrat political groups’ findings. I’ve heard Newt Gingrich try to use the same argument against Ron Paul and accused him of being associated with George Soros. Newsflash -Ron Paul is not a Soros tool and some of the most damning research on politicians is conducted by their opposition. So, according to the establishment, any damning factual evidence that’s non-GOP based and used against a GOP presidential candidate is totally false and irrelevant. Besides that, it gets you labeled an enemy of the GOP. That argument doesn’t hold up to scrutiny and any of the Presidential candidates that demonize presenters of negative truths are afraid to run on their record.

Below are four opposition papers, including McCain’s 200-page research paper, on Mitt Romney, from a variety of sources. As is the case with any research, always scrutinize for accuracy. The bottom-line here is that there should be no bounds in researching a political candidate as long as the research revealed is based on facts. Sorry Mitt.

The Romney Book



DNC 2007 Romney report

I just thought some of the folks, claiming to be small-government advocates that support reduced Federal Government spending, should be criticized for supporting the Republican Presidential candidate, Rick Santorum. This guy came out in public opposing the Tea Party influence on our Federal Government. Why the opposition? Because like most of the Republican candidates, the media, Corporate Amerika, and the DC Establishment, they oppose anything that goes against the statist quo of growing the size of government. If you support Santorum, you support the the corrupt DC machine and the corrupt policies they pursue.

While this video is not new, those claiming Tea Party ideals while supporting this clown need to be bashed over the head repeatedly with this video until the message is clear –
Santorum is another “establishment candidate” that now wants to be your friend and will say anything to get you support.

Video brought to you by Townhall.com

Sometimes you just have to say, they get what they deserve. And so is the case of the special election in NY-26, where marketing won the hearts and souls of the lost sheep who voted for a Democrat who was running on the ticket of a non-existent political party, the tea party. While I could go on a rant about how ignorant many voters are, I will reserve that for the continued attack by the left-leaning government media agents and Democrat party who are hell bent on painting Tea Party patriots as hating, racist, white people who worship corporate America, banks, and the wealthy. The Republican party’s perpetual concerted effort to marginalize all voters and ideas not RHINO is shameful at best.

I saw it like this: the Democrats ran two candidates on two different party tickets, one of them being a “Tea Party” party, which does not exist. The Republican establishment and political consultants waited until last possible moment to minimally expose the Democrat, Jack Davis, running on the Tea Party ticket. They protested just enough prior to the election so as to claim they tried to warn Republican voters. Now they can go back to the same worn-out argument that the Tea Party ruined our chances to win a seat that should be Republican. There is plenty of cover for them considering this seat will be up for grabs next year and will probably fall back in the hands of the RHINOS. Plus, the Democrat winner will be about as useful as a football bat for the Democrats’ minority in the House.

Tea Party candidate hires political consulting group who “helps elect Democrats and advance progressive causes”

Democrat Kathy Hochul has a chance to win because tea-party-backed Jack Davis (I) appears to be siphoning support from Republican Jane Corwin

Republican has taken a heavy hit from self-funded, self-titled Tea Party candidate Jack Davis


Of course the Progressive media agents played it from their book of voter deception. They continually made a point not to reveal that Jack Davis was a Democrat and did emphasize he was something he actually wasn’t. While he obviously is no Tea Party patriot, the media needs to play it as a referendum on the Tea Party movement. You know, the hater, racist, group of angry white people who want to kill old people and the earth and give tax breaks to the rich at the expense of grandma’s dog food diet. With the Progressive/Liberal media being agents of the White House, you would expect nothing less.

However, with the voting public continuing to buy media propaganda instead of becoming informed and educated, it turned out to be a double win for the Progressive-controlled Democrat party. They falsely marginalize the Tea Party movement while showing how inept the Republican party is at defending itself against Democrat lies about Medicare. I say for now, NY-26 got what it deserved. The Republican party deserves this defeat by engaging in their effort to render the Tea Party movement ineffective.

The liberal spin machine has now ramped up the rhetoric about “this referendum paves a rough road ahead for Republicans in 2012” and “the Tea Party is handing Democrats easy victories”.

RHINO political consulting group spokesman said Hochul’s victory was a sign of a tough time for Republicans to come.


The Tea Party movement, according to the media reports and both major political parties, has been neutered. To be frank, it does appear that the propaganda spread by Tea party opponents (big-government statists from both parties and majority of media) has affected the willingness of American-loving, fiscally sane, anti-tax, anti-big government, anti-nanny state patriots to remain the public voice of reason. If it were not for the Tea Party, America would be swimming in a sea of Marxists-lite policies, versus the Socialistic one we are currently in.

It’s time for American-loving patriots to get geared up again to put the breaks on run away government. I’ll leave with a word from one the most successful big-government Keynesian statists claiming America is not broke because we can keep borrowing more to pay off what we’ve already borrowed to expand an unaffordable government.

Brought to you by CNS News:

If this is as good as we can get for GOP Presidential contenders, there’s no need to run against Obama. Newt likes a government mandated or a bond-posting health care system (which acts as a mandate). As shown in this video clip by CNS News, Newt supports government overseen health care now as much as he did in 1993.

It doesn’t get any better with the choice of neo-Newt’s neo-twin, Mitt Romney, architect of the individual health insurance mandate know as Romney-care.

If this is what we have to keep looking forward to by the Neo-con dominated GOP, then the Corrupter-in-chief, Obama, will cruise to victory in 2012.