Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign is off and running. He has the union Communist- Marxists-Progressives agitating the ignorant to raise the prospect of re-election by the same ignorant asses that voted for him in 2008. Since that is in full gear, it’s time to agitate another sector of America haters – the illegal aliens.

The plan is not to actually deal with it. In the typical Progressive demonization process, he just points fingers at Conservatives and say ” look at the haters blocking my attempts at immigration reform (AMNESTY)”. So in the coming months, the rhetoric will again be ratcheted to deafening levels. Don’t let up and keep pressing your elected officials to tackle illegal immigration on the state level.


Prove You’re Here Legally Before Getting Gov’t Services, Voters Say

Obama Says Illegal Immigration Problem Cause By Republicans

Norcross, GA man sentenced for recruiting illegal immigrants

Alabama nears final approval of immigration crackdown

Feds raid Tucson Chuy’s locations in illegal hiring probe

Georgia Businesses and Democrats Fear Government Crackdown On Illegals Will Make Illegals Leave The State

NJ College Says It Changed Mind On In-State Tuition For Illegals Because Of Intimidation

Complaints That TN Anti-Immigration Bills Will Make It Difficult For Illegals To Find Work

Maryland Lawmakers Continue Fighting MD Version Of The Dream Act

Catholic Social Justice Promoters Wash Feet Of Illegals In Conservative Cobb County GA

Indiana Lawmakers Take Teeth Out Of Anti-Immigration Laws

The average criminal alien in California has been arrested seven times

8 NY counties join immigration fingerprint program

Montgomery Co, MD Mulls Illegal Alien Deportation Program

Chipotle Eatery’s Profits Soar as Hiring Of Illegal Aliens Does Also

Mormon Church Praises Amnesty Measures In UT

Latinos and Democrats Press Obama to Curb Deportations

Border agents given orders to not arrest illegal immigrants

Dept. Homeland Security Being Sued Over Nun Killed By Illegal Alien

U.S. News -Poll: Voters oppose birthright citizenship

Women sentenced for harboring illegal immigrants

Georgia Human Rights Coalition Sets To Initiate Boycott Of The State Of GA

GA Rep John Lewis Says Illegal Immigration Efforts Equivalent To Jim Crow Laws

Colorado Progressive Lawmakers Approve In-State College Tuition For Illegals

WA State Progressives Protest Requiring Proof Of U.S. Citizenship For Drivers License As Racist

Ca Government Encourages Illegals To Fill Out Census So Illegals Can Get More Money

WI Progressives Says State Needs To Stay Out Of Immigration Enforcement

$500,000 Found In Illegal Immigrant Tax Raid  – Man Filing False Tax Refunds For illegals and Keeping The Cash

Are U.S. Businesses Encouraging Illegal Immigration?

OR. Progressives Keep Pushing To Illegals Drivers Licenses

McDonalds Busted Again For Hiring Illegals

Rep. Luis Gutierrez Continues His “Illegal Aliens Are Great and Americans Are Racist Tour” At Detroit Union Gathering

Republicans Will Continue To Be Branded As Haters until They Grant Blanket Amnesty To Illegals

Multi-Deported Drug Smuggling Illegal Alien With Multiple Reckless Driving Citations Who Obtained Licence Illegally Not Charged For Running Over Bicyclist

Colorado Illegal Immigration Supporters Protest for Social Justice

KY Protest Over Bill Making illegal Aliens and People Who House or Transport Them a State Crime

National Lawyers Guild “Hate American” Group Says KY Law Sanction Racial and Cultural Profiling As a Remedy to Illegal Immigration

New Game For Iphone “Smuggle Truck” has Some Claiming Insensitivity Towards Illegal Aliens

Democrat Legislators Switch To Republican Party and Decry Harsh Illegal Immigration Laws Are Against Some Core GOP Principles

SD Illegal Immigration Supporters Says Lawmaker Proposals Based On Racism For Wanting To Uphold National Sovereignty and U.S. Laws

Arizona Sues US Gov’t. For Not Protecting Arizonans From Illegal Immigrant Invasion

CT Restaurant Owners Sued By Illegal Aliens For Low Wages

UNC Students Protest Tuition Hikes and Proposals To Stop Illegal Aliens From Receiving Discount Tuition

For $15,000, Non-American Pregnant Chinese Women Get To Realize Their American Dream At A Fair and Reasonable Price

CT Doctor Says Illegal Immigrant Measures in US Reminiscent of His Family Growing up in Nazi-occupied Holland

David Shirk of The University of San Diego Says More Illegal Immigration Efforts Should Focus On Reducing Drug Consumption In The U.S.

Feds in NJ Arrest 28 Illegal Aliens Previously Deported From US For Earlier Committed Crimes

Alabama Lawmaker’s Remarks Twisted By Progressive Lawmakers As Promoting The Shooting Illegal Immigrants

Social Security Denies ID Theft Victim New Number Saying No Harm Done By Illegal Aliens Using His SS#

U.S. Congressional Democrats Don’t Support Workplace Crackdown Initiatives Without Amnesty Provisions

Montana Governor Will Veto All Anti-Immigration Bills Because Republicans Don’t have Veto-Proof Majority

Suit Against Arizona Rancher By Illegal Aliens Upheld For Supposed Civil Rights Violation

In the continued assualt on America, DHS’s ICE will seek more leniency on the immigration policies they have already gutted.

In a new and more lenient policy, the head of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has instructed the agency’s legal office to stop the deportation proceedings of foreign nationals who may now be eligible for a green card.

South Florida immigration attorneys and activists said the move is the first solid evidence of more tolerance by ICE toward some foreign nationals facing removal to their homelands.

Read more at the Miami Herald

Let See,  34 illegal aliens talking flying lesson in Massachusetts from an illegal alien already cited by Federal authorities. So, ICE fails to enforce the flight school company’s owner illegal immigration. TSA and FAA failed to accurately identify illegal aliens applying for flying lessons. Two of these three departments fall under the Umbrella of the DHS.

Here are some highlights from The Boston Globe:

Federal officials have arrested dozens of alleged illegal immigrants connected to a flight school in Stow, including the school’s owner and students who received US government clearance to train as pilots despite strict security controls put into place after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

…holes in the government’s antiterrorism security net…exposed problems in the Transportation Security Administration’s ability…

…the arrested immigrants…are free pending deportation hearings in federal immigration court…

TSA and the Federal Aviation Administration…could not explain this week why alleged illegal immigrants were allowed to take classes and obtain pilot’s licenses in Stow…

The agency does not follow up in every case to ensure that those who take classes obtain the necessary immigration documents…

This week, TJ Aviation Flight Academy remained open for business…

Read more here.

In case you wanted to know how big the budgets are for these Federal Agencies, here they are.

FAA (remember they were recipients of Stimulus $$$)

Then here’s TSA and ICE budgets, under DHS control

This is why a perpetually growing Federal Government is only not desirable, but dangerous. The nature of Government bureaucracy itself creates more problems than it solves. It’s a self-serving monstrosity which seems more concerned with self-fulfilment than effectiveness and efficiency. Yes, part of the Federal Government’s mandate is to protect our borders and our citizen’s security. This is the reason government agencies need to stop hiring to accommodate their perpetual growth and hire people from the outside to find the waste, fraud, and inefficiencies in order to better serve the public and shrink the size of these monstrosities.

On another note. You got love the quote from the illegal alien owner of the flight instruction company:

He said he had followed the rules… and…These are honest people. . . . They just want a better future.’’

If he even took the time to learn about America, he would have realized the first act he committed when breaking into America was breaking American law. We follow the laws and pay the price when we don’t. Somehow, he must have thought the U.N and the U.S. are the same thing. Freedom-loving Americans love their sovereignty and have no desire for the U.N. to create legislation for Americans. No, we’re not open borders. My ancestors were legal immigrants from Europe and they took pride in coming here legally and desired to become American. You need to do the same. By the way, about a better future, legal Americans are striving for that goal, but keep finding it harder as illegal aliens keep flooding America seeking tax-payer funded handouts. Come to America legally by fulfilling the proper requirements, then showing you are a benefit to America, and, finally, assimilate into society and be an American. Then my friend, you will be welcome with open arms.