It’s amazing that so many Americans willingly allow and accept the non-stop assault conducted on their country and person by the despotic Marxists Obama administration. The latest assault is the opening of American borders to swarms of illegal border-invading Central Americas, claiming to be fleeing violence.   Yes, America is being invaded as a result of the U.S. Federal Government’s promotion and delivery of swarms of 10,000’s of illegal border invaders into America, at taxpayer expense. Well, they heard America is free and they are coming to get their free stuff.

That’s right, you are financing the invasion of our sovereign borders and all of the consequences associated with the invasion.

The Obama Administration and the Progressive/Marxist media keep telling the uninformed that “it’s about the children”, but the fact is, they consider tattooed gang members part of “the children” group. On a side-note, Muslim extremists and Chinese nationals are invading along with the Central American invaders.  This group not only wants to break into America, they intend physical harm to those opposing their anti-American ideology. Nonetheless, they all still want their “Free America”.

These invaders transport with them dangerous diseases, which also pose a physical threat to Americans.  Among the other host of diseases being transported over the border, the CDC has reported an outbreak of a mystery illness in border towns and military bases housing the invaders .

Taxpayer money is already being used to supposedly support an enforcement mechanism to thwart potential illegal border crossings. That mechanism’s effectiveness has been rendered ineffectual  by design, yet tax dollars are still appropriated to finance intentional failure. Now, you have the Obama administration requesting Congress to appropriate $2 billion  $3.7 billion to pay for the intentional crisis he created. The strain put on governmental services including, welfare services, housing assistance, food assistance, transportation assistance is an overwhelming cost to American taxpayers, at a time when America is broke and legal Americans are dying homeless in the street.

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Here are some stories from the past week regarding those who are fighting for and against Illegal Immigration in America.

Missouri Scheme to Provide Undocumented Immigrants with US ID’s Busted

Missouri Community Called Hub For Illegal Immigrants?

Chicago Politician Ignores ICE and Worries About Making Bail Easier For Illegal Aliens

Obama Promotes America-Hating LaRaza Lobbyist To Head His Domestic Policy Council

Chicagoans Opposing Illegal Immigration, Oppose New Immigration Detention Facility Due Safety Issues

Clergy In VA Hold Conference On In-State Tuition For Illegals

CA State Attorneys Office Delays Petition Printing Causes Failure To Repeal In-State Tuition Measure

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) Launched New Website To Educate The Public

Eisenhower, In The 1950’s Showed American How To Curb Illegal Immigration

NY Times Claims Illegal Immigration Not A Problem – Down To A Trickle

Amnesty Zealots In MO Protesting Law Making Legal To Check ID’s Of Illegals

CO Lawmakers Try To Pass Dream Act Again – The 6th Time Is The Charm

Obama Still Trying To Figure A Way To Make The Illegal Alien Vote Count

Progressives Salivate Over New Obama Immigration Proposals

Amnesty Supporters and Illegals Whine About Not Getting Free College Tuition

Illegal Alien of 22 years Convicted Of Using Fraudulent Documents Fights Deportation -Says It’s Unfair

Romney Will Have Flip-Flop To Gain Latino Voters In FL

A Careful Balance Of Flipping and Flopping Awaits Romney In Swing-States

SC Forum Blurs The Lines On Legal and Illegal Immigration To Persuade Business Leaders To Support Amnesty

Policeman Who ArrestedObama’s Uncle For DUI Will Now Suffer The Reprisal Of His Actions

Israel Passes Harsh New Illegal Immigration Law That Indefinitely Retain Illegals

Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign is off and running. He has the union Communist- Marxists-Progressives agitating the ignorant to raise the prospect of re-election by the same ignorant asses that voted for him in 2008. Since that is in full gear, it’s time to agitate another sector of America haters – the illegal aliens.

The plan is not to actually deal with it. In the typical Progressive demonization process, he just points fingers at Conservatives and say ” look at the haters blocking my attempts at immigration reform (AMNESTY)”. So in the coming months, the rhetoric will again be ratcheted to deafening levels. Don’t let up and keep pressing your elected officials to tackle illegal immigration on the state level.


Prove You’re Here Legally Before Getting Gov’t Services, Voters Say

Obama Says Illegal Immigration Problem Cause By Republicans

Norcross, GA man sentenced for recruiting illegal immigrants

Alabama nears final approval of immigration crackdown

Feds raid Tucson Chuy’s locations in illegal hiring probe

Georgia Businesses and Democrats Fear Government Crackdown On Illegals Will Make Illegals Leave The State

NJ College Says It Changed Mind On In-State Tuition For Illegals Because Of Intimidation

Complaints That TN Anti-Immigration Bills Will Make It Difficult For Illegals To Find Work

Maryland Lawmakers Continue Fighting MD Version Of The Dream Act

Catholic Social Justice Promoters Wash Feet Of Illegals In Conservative Cobb County GA

Indiana Lawmakers Take Teeth Out Of Anti-Immigration Laws

The average criminal alien in California has been arrested seven times

8 NY counties join immigration fingerprint program

Montgomery Co, MD Mulls Illegal Alien Deportation Program

Chipotle Eatery’s Profits Soar as Hiring Of Illegal Aliens Does Also

Mormon Church Praises Amnesty Measures In UT

Latinos and Democrats Press Obama to Curb Deportations

Border agents given orders to not arrest illegal immigrants

Dept. Homeland Security Being Sued Over Nun Killed By Illegal Alien

U.S. News -Poll: Voters oppose birthright citizenship

Women sentenced for harboring illegal immigrants

Georgia Human Rights Coalition Sets To Initiate Boycott Of The State Of GA

GA Rep John Lewis Says Illegal Immigration Efforts Equivalent To Jim Crow Laws

Colorado Progressive Lawmakers Approve In-State College Tuition For Illegals

WA State Progressives Protest Requiring Proof Of U.S. Citizenship For Drivers License As Racist

Ca Government Encourages Illegals To Fill Out Census So Illegals Can Get More Money

WI Progressives Says State Needs To Stay Out Of Immigration Enforcement

$500,000 Found In Illegal Immigrant Tax Raid  – Man Filing False Tax Refunds For illegals and Keeping The Cash

Are U.S. Businesses Encouraging Illegal Immigration?

OR. Progressives Keep Pushing To Illegals Drivers Licenses

McDonalds Busted Again For Hiring Illegals

Rep. Luis Gutierrez Continues His “Illegal Aliens Are Great and Americans Are Racist Tour” At Detroit Union Gathering

Republicans Will Continue To Be Branded As Haters until They Grant Blanket Amnesty To Illegals



Supporting Extension of Unemployment Benefits

Signaling Yes On Confirmation Vote On Kagen To SCOTUS

In an interview with POLITICO, Graham argued that Kagan wouldn’t change the ideological balance on the court since she’s poised to replace the liberal John Paul Stevens, and he made the case that some of her views may actually turn out to be appealing to conservatives

In Shadow of Health Care Vote, Immigrant Advocates Keep Pushing for Change

Sen. Graham predicts Tea Party movement will eventually ‘die out’

GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham: Obama Is a Role Model Not a Socialist

Need I say anything other than, what an ass who’s political career is toast. Well, unless he pulls a Spector, Leiberman, or Crist trick.

Thanks Congressman McClintock!

The first thing our “Homeland Security” Secretary did was to freeze ICE.

Freezing ICE

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has ordered a review of the ICE raid in Bellingham, WA. The New York Times reports “A high-level official in the Department of Homeland Security said that Ms. Napolitano had not been informed about the raid on Tuesday before it happened, and that she was seeking details about its planning and scope. ‘She was not happy about it because it’s inconsistent with her position, and the president’s position on these matters,’ ” This is the chance for the new administration to set policy for ICE based on the administration’s professed positions and values. link

Chalk this up as another broken promise from Obama, who said during the campaign that he would hold employers responsible for using illegal labor at the expense of American workers.

Then he appoints the incompetent open borders advocate “Janet Napolitano” as head of homeland security. Yeah, I fell a lot safer with her at the helm. If we can’t have workplace enforcement, we can’t end illegal immigration, which is just the opposite of the REAL agenda that is at work here, which is amnesty.

Ending E-Verify, a program that is 99.5% accurate is the next step these so called “leaders” will try. It’s pretty sad and pathetic policy on the part of Napolitano, especially during this time of high unemployment and a sinking economy.

Next, she identifies patriots, such as returning soldiers, as “Right-Wing Extremists“, while ignoring the true threat of radical Islamic Jihadists, referring to terrorist acts  as  “man-made disasters”.

Now, in the wake of a Christmas day terrorist attack, Napolitano stated “the system worked”.  Only after she realized how utterly ridiculous her statement was did she backtrack her remarks and reverse her position.

At this point, how can anyone, including the left, support her continuing in the position of Homeland Security Secretary? She is clearly not up to the job and she never has been. This is just another example of a flawed appointment by the Obama administration and she should be forced out of this extremely important post.