You thought Americans would be about done supporting activity antithetical to America’s existence as a free country. It appears people will continue to support those who prefer government-controlled everything versus free enterprise and freedom. This past week was presented with much news that is just plain bizarre. If Americans continue to hold their taxpayer-funded elected officials and government employees harmless for not putting America first, then, yes, we deserve what we get. Unfortunately, for those of us who choose to fight, we’re obviously surrounded by the “walking dead” who refuse to be responsible enough to stand up for America and her exceptionalism. Please wake up your neighbors from their slumber and encourage them to stand up and fight against those who prefer America be to be transformed into another “failed European social experiment”.

Just remember, the (D) and (R) game is no different than that fake “wrastling” match on TV, where the winners and losers are decided ahead of time. Then after the show, they all go have drinks together and laugh at how stupid and gullible Americans are, while planning tomorrows’ theatrics.

For the few of us that really care about America’s survival, it’s time to find who the directors of this fiction theater are and take them out.



House Passes CISPA Against Wishes Of Americans, Puts Taxpayers On The Hook For Corporate Enforcement Gift

TSA Accuses 4-yr Old of Being A Gun-Toting Terrorist

Refuse A Job For Any Reason To Tran-sexual Deviants and You Will Be Sued

Obama Says Romney Too Conservative For America

Federal Government Tells Family Farm Owners Kids Can’t Work On Farms

Will More Chinese Firms Get Hwy Construction Contracts When U.S. Government Passes New Transportation Bill

War Mongering Neo-Con Rubio Says Military Action In Iran and Syria Preferred and Says AZ Immigration Laws No Suitable For Other States

Mexican President Felipe Calderon Says U.S Immigration Laws Unfair and Should Not Criminalize Illegal Aliens Because They Are Not Lawbreakers

TPM Propaganda Wrongly Accuses Justice Scalia of Equating Illegal Aliens To Bank Robbers

Illegal Aliens Arrested on MI Jobsite After Calling 911 For A Ride Home

Taxed Employees At Herb Grower Pissed That Re-hired Illegal Aliens Paid Cash Under The Table – Blows The Whistle On Law Breaking Employers

Obama Concentrating Campaign Efforts In Large College Populated States Pushing Student Loan Interest Decrease – Illegally On Taxpayers’ Dime

Northwest Border Patrol Agency Faces American-Hating ACLU Lawsuit For Puling Over Blacks and Hispanics

Oregon Governor Claims U.S. Coal Export Increase Will Export Global Warming To China nd Has To Be Curbed

ACLU Lawyer, Friedman, Who Succeeded In Case To Remove Ten Commandments From KY Courthouses Disbarred For Stealing Clients’ Money (Taxpayers-funded Settlements)

Schumer Says If SCOTUS Upholds AZ Immigration Law, He Will Introduce Unconstitutional Law To Prohibit States From Enforcing Immigration Laws

Its almost comical to see the Neo-Cons turning up the propaganda machine in an effort to dissuade voters from supporting Ron Paul. In fact, every one of these articles are full of disingenuous and inaccurate comments and information – I mean propaganda.

Well, the good news is that are more positive stories on Ron Paul than I can ever remember.  More on that later. In the meantime, read some of the following stories and get a good laugh.

Ron Paul can’t be allowed to win Iowa- May Be The Last Time Iowa Holds First In The National Primaries

Auburn University Housing- Signs Are Ok, Unless It’s A Ron Paul Sign

Ron Paul, The Nazi, Has Absolutely No Chance To Win The Republican Nomination For President.

A Ron Paul Victory in Iowa Is Not A victory For Paul, But For Romney or Huntsman

A Vote For Ron Paul Would Be A Victory For Mittens Romney

National Review, Which Wrote An Article In The Past That Stated:”In the Deep South the Negroes are retarded” Says Ron Paul Is Racist

NPR Can’t Find Any Dirt On Ron Paul Except Newletters That He’s Long Ago Disavowed

Most of Dr. Paul’s Supporters, Of Course, Don’t Actually Imagine He Can Become President. He Hates Israel and America Too

Ron Paul Supporters Are Drug Addicts

Fox News, Carlson Tucker, Ask Why People Are Supporting The Old Weird Guy, Ron Paul

Prominent Iowans are terrified…A Paul Victory As Proof That Iowa Has No Business Vetting Candidates At The Starting Gate. He’s Hates Israel!

Kindly Old Doctor, Ron Paul, That Attracts Some Of The Most Violent and Reactionary Elements In Society

Anyone Can Beat Obama, Except Ron Paul


Even If Ron Paul Wins All the

Unfortunately, for those who are perpetual defenders of American freedom and liberty, tired of having big-government statist Republican Presidential candidate shoved down their throats, it’s sickening that the only true freedom-oriented candidate keeps getting shunned and described as fringe and unelectable candidate. No matter how well Ron Paul polls leading up to state’s primaries, he’s summarily dismissed. In fact, he’s polling a strong second in some states and increasingly gaining favor in other state’s polling. Yet, he still dismissed. So no matter where he shows up in the polls, it’s still a race between the Neo-con American-freedom and liberty haters.

So, I culled a representative sample of media stories that have done exactly what I’ve described, ignore and dismiss Dr. Paul. The continuation of this blatant collusion is waking up many Americans to the fact that there is a force in America drowning out their calls to end America’s gargantuan and over reaching Federal Government. Here’s the latest weekly installment of “let’s collectively ignore Ron Paul” stories.

Tell us what you think of Ron Paul’s maltreatment during this primary season.

Romney is still out front in the prediction markets

Can Mitt Find the Wit to Boot Newt?

Digging For Selected Poll Results That Represent Little Ron Paul Support

With Cain Out, It’s The Romney-Gingrich Neo-Con Showdown

Iowa Polls Showing Ron Paul Support Has Flaws

Newts The Man. Ron Paul Who??

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The latest Marist Poll taken in Iowa for preferences in the upcoming 2012 Republican Presidential nomination were reported yesterday, December 04, 2011. As expected, the truly relevant part of the poll is stuffed at the bottom of poll questions, as it reveals some very astounding results. Regarding a head-to-head match up against Obama, the only candidate to not lose is—-wait for it—-

That’s right, RON PAUL!

Here is that information as reported by Marist. Follow the links provided to review the entire poll and, in particular, the head to head outcome against Obama.

Obama Ties Paul…Leads Rest of GOP Field, But Only Has Majority against Bachmann

In hypothetical contests with potential Republican challengers, President Barack Obama bests his competition with one exception.

Against Paul, 42% of registered voters in Iowa support Obama while the same proportion — 42% — backs Paul. A notable 16% are undecided. Paul attracts 15% of Iowa’s Democrats and leads President Obama 42% to 35% among independent voters. Paul also has a 14 percentage point advantage over Obama among voters under 45 years of age. There is a gender gap. Paul outpaces the president among men by 11 percentage points, and President Obama outdistances Paul among women by 10 percentage points.

In a matchup against Romney, the president has a seven percentage point lead. 46% of registered voters support Mr. Obama while 39% favor Romney. 15% are undecided.

Against Gingrich, the president garners 47% to 37% for Gingrich, a 10 percentage point lead. 16% are undecided.

The president has an 11 percentage point advantage against Perry. Here, 48% back Obama while 37% are for Perry, and 15% are undecided.

When paired against Cain, half of Iowa’s electorate — 50% — supports President Obama compared with 32% for Cain, giving Mr. Obama an 18 percentage point lead. 18% are undecided.

The president receives majority support against Bachmann. In this hypothetical contest, Obama receives 54% to Bachmann’s 31%, an advantage of 23 percentage points. 15% are undecided.

The complete poll

Head to head match-up against Obama

If you go to You Tube and watch this, you will notice the video has over 1700 likes. Of course, the establishment tool YouTube shows it with only 302 views. Typical BS from this group of Progressive America-haters.


Happy Independence Day!

A few appropriate images and a few relevant and appropriate quotes from Thomas Jefferson are definitely in order today. Hopefully within a year, we will be preparing to eradicate the remainder of the Socialist philosophy that has all but choked the lifeblood from America.  Keep fighting for liberty and freedom that America stands for.



My God! How little do my countrymen know what precious blessings they are in possession of, and which no other people on earth enjoy!


Thomas Jefferson



It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.


Thomas Jefferson



A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned – this is the sum of good government.


Thomas Jefferson