As the newspaper print business is steadily declining, it would only be a matter of time before some newspaper websites began charging for access to their online news edition.

A U.S. newspaper says it will begin charging for access to its Web site this week, warning that the days of giving content away for free are over.

The Valley Morning Star announced in its online edition Monday that Web site access would remain free for subscribers who receive the print edition seven days a week. But weekend subscribers and non-subscribers will have to pay a 75-cent daily subscription fee for the Web site. Monthly rates will also be available.

It’s ironic that this newspaper is owned by Freedom Communications.  People already pay for Internet access and can get most news out there for free.  These newspapers, other than their local stories, pick and choose from various AP, UPI, etc.. feeds like all the other newspapers do.

From the newspaper itself, it states: will continue to provide state, national and international news from the Associated Press at no charge.

Unfortunately for The Valley Morning Star, most of their news will be available somewhere else for free.  Good luck trying to resuscitate their dying newsprint at the expense of their online viewers.  I have seen where other daily newspapers require you to register to access their on-line news copy, but not actually charge a daily/monthly fee.