Remember when the Tea Party movement, made up of regular fiscally responsible taxpayers, fed up with taxation used to continue the Federal Government largess and incensed over TARP bank bailouts, decided to protest against fiscally irresponsible government management of our country. It was bad enough that we were demonized as racists and haters by the establishment Republicans and Democrats, and the Progressive/Socialist major media outlets. Then when the Republican Establishment couldn’t dissuade the movement from continuing it’s activism, they began the effort of co-opting the Tea Party. With what appeared to be a successful resistance against the co-opting and demonization, I thought the movement was going to remain a sovereign movement fighting for the survival of America. But now comes the most bizarre chapter in the Tea party movement; the acceptance of a new triple-tax plan by Republican Presidential nominee, Herman Cain, which includes a national sales tax or VAT.


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It’s more like the American Marxists Nightmare. Oh, they are trying to reverse engineer the Tea Party movement as to achieve success. According to these Marxists/Progressives, the Tea Party members are terrorist. I guess if ya can’t beat them, uh uh, then copy them. Here is the website where this Marxist trash can be found. The listing of supporting organizations looks like a Glenn Beck magnet-filled blackboard.

The Contract for the American Dream is our blueprint for creating an economy that works for all of us. We’re looking for the best ideas to rebuild the American Dream and unite our movement. The more ideas you rate, the better the Contract will be.

I can’t wait!


If you’ve been a visitor to before, it’s obvious I rail on worker unions regularly; both public and private. Well, you pay the wages of our federal government employees, who in turn use your tax dollars to pay dues to worker unions who, in compliance with current federal policy (and other Administration’s policies), advocate for protected and interminable jobs accommodated with bloated taxpayer-supported salaries and benefits, while using taxpayer-supported union dues to contribute to the political candidates who will ultimately be paid a taxpayer-supported salary for passing legislation to keep increasing the size and cost of our taxpayer-supported limited government, while the taxpayer-funded unions continue growing its rank and file in order to ignore the will of their real boss – the American taxpayer.

One of the unions representing SSA, NASA, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC), DOE, DOJ, and many agencies within our Federal Government is the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE) in which I’ll quote from their website:

Building Political Influence Through Contract Language

…public employees can elect who their boss is…Through political action, public employees can help elect candidates who share their interests. These elected officials set policy and establish laws that directly affect public employees’ working terms and conditions…Attempts to gain political influence can take many forms—endorsing candidates, campaigning, advertising, voting, contributing funds or lobbying…bargaining language in the contract. Members could potentially negotiate language that will afford them the opportunity to participate in and support political activities.

The proliferation of unionization within our Federal Government is intensifying at a time of national fiscal and moral crisis. The rush to grow the union’s rank and file at the expense of our tax dollars is a fraud perpetuated against America.

IFPTE is a member of UNI.

IFPTE also belongs to the Union Network International (UNI) which is a worldwide organization of 800 labor unions dedicated to advancing the skills and services of its members in the new global economy.

By the way, UNI is holding rallies around the world in support of Egyptian social justice and economic reforms.

UNI affiliates along with their national trade union centres continue to hold demonstrations and actions throughout this week in support of Egyptian workers.

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All the hatred aimed at the Tea Party Groups seems only to placate those who subscribe to the new philosophy that American’s are stupid and up is now down.

King George Bush II led one of the worst big-spending, government expanding administration in my lifetime.

  • Nearly every Tea Party Patriot I know has similar feelings.

I welcome any U.S. President, whatever his color may be, to lead this country.

  • I know of no Tea Party Patriot who has any problem with a black president (Sorry for the black American comment, but I just met a white African American and he told me African-American are white too). I welcome a black, brown, white, or yellow President, as long as the Constitution of U.S. is his political light and not merely legal precedence.

I have never heard any racial slurs or seen racial epitaphs displayed at any  Tea Party Patriot events I have been to, except for the progressive plants infiltrating the events.

  • I, like every other Tea Party Patriot I know or have met, would absolutely call out and condemn any acts of racial hatred if they were to occur.

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I guess the MSM doesn’t touch these kinds of stories. Surprised? Since the government has finally reached the threshold on Social Security by raiding its coffers of their legalized Ponzi system, they may give into another group of thugs’ ideas to steal your retirement money. Look! The Retirement USA Initiative.

This is merely an attempt to have the government subsidize the union members’ pension funds that are underfunded while union leaders live it up on their members’ dime.

In the comment section on this SEIU web page, there was an excellent response -it probably was a union member:

March 25, 2010 10:44 AM | Reply

So, let me get this straight. The government sets up this legal Ponzi scheme known as Social Security and completely mismanages it and loots money from it for decades. And, now, it’s effectively insolvent as all surpluses have disappeared thanks to bank bailouts and two unending wars. Meanwhile, unions operate pension funds and knowingly underfund them for a generation, which the federal government sat back and let them do. Now, after all that, I’m supposed to hand over my money, that I managed to save on account of my suspicion all along that the government is headed towards bankruptcy, because you are trying to sell me on the idea that THIS TIME you’ll get it right? Are you people kidding? Is this a parody site or something?

Unions, with their Communist foundations, have managed to undermine the basic principles of the US Constitution. They are traitors that, as their end-game, will continue to create a Communist-induced class struggle. Without that mindset, unions cannot exist as a tool to transform America.

The unions outlived their usefulness decades ago.

Fight to kill the unions in the school, government, and industry.

By the way, did you know that the US Treasury Dept, and IRS, amongst many other federal agencies, are shielded from the taxpayer (their bosses) by unions sanctioned by your own Federal Government and funded with the help of your tax dollars.

Controlling Americans

Controlling Americans

If you took the time to look at Congressional representation in Detroit, MI, you will find (D-15, 16) were represented by only two people since 1935. That’s correct, only two in 75 years. To compound that issue, the two Congressman came in the form of a father-son combo.

The death of Detroit comes partly at the hands of the socialist relic congressman John Conyers representing the Detroit district (MI-14) for close to 30 years. Detroit’s fate also lies with the Congressional control of (MI-16) by a father-son combo. John Lesinski, Sr. held the seat March 4, 1933–May 27, 1950. He died in office and a special election brought his son into the seat. John Lesinski, Jr. served from January 3, 1951–January 3, 1965.

(MI-15), created in 1933 was represented by John Dingell Sr. March 3, 1933 – September 19, 1955. He was replaced by his son John Dingell Jr., in a special election, after  Dingell Sr. died in office. John Dingle Jr.  represented (MI-15) December 13, 1955 – January 3, 1965.  (MI-16) was merged in 1965 with (MI-15). John Dingell Jr. defeated John Lesinski, Jr. in the 1965 election. Confused yet? Your supposed to be. Michigan has been a subject of Gerrymandering for years and the results were fruitful for Progressives.

This Congressional area was essentially controlled by (2) father-son combos. John Dingell Jr. is the Dean of Congress, being its longest serving member. Ironically enough, John Dingell Jr.’s wife is the daughter of one of the founders of GM (Government Motors).

For a man in this position, I thought one of the most moronic statements he made was in an interview with C-Span in 2007 when discussing taxing Americans for climate change. Excepts below:

ANDREWS:  Yes.  Can you tell us anything more about what combination of bills will actually be in the package that arrives in July?…

DINGELL:  …Everything from clothes washers, dryers, dishwashers, dehumidifiers, residential boilers will be covered, and a lot of other things, including refrigerators and freezers…This will be mandated – something which has been avoided by every administration since we passed the first legislation back in the 1970s.

HITT:  You sketched a bill that does not include production incentives for fossil fuels – coal and oil, natural gas…

DINGELL: I pointed out that we’re going to go into the consideration of a much broader bill with much more controversial questions, including the overall question of global warming…

SWAIN:  …Mr. Chairman, I want to go back to your statement that the American people want action. Does that also correlate with the American people being willing to pay higher prices, because of energy legislation?

DINGELL:  I sincerely doubt that the American people are willing to pay what this is really going to cost them…I will be introducing in the next little bit a carbon tax bill, just to sort of see how people really feel about this.  And it will impose, for example, on gasoline a 50 cent tax. It also will place a very substantial tax on CO2 emissions, amounting to a double-digit tax on tons of CO2 emitted…

You talk about trying to kill his cash cow. Knowing that GM was not in a good position at that time to effectively compete with foreign competitors’ fuel efficiency, why would he even support this notion. Drive more customers away from union-dominated GM is certainly a way to help help kill GM it or drive it into bankruptcy.

I think Dingell has gotten so senile, he forgot to keep his mouth shut about the Progressives’ agenda to communize America.  Yesterday on a radio interview, the twelve minute with John Dingell Jr. provides about ten minutes of DNC (Progressive) talking points. Yep, the same ones. The funny thing is that he couldn’t even follow the script in a straight voice. Below is the interview, and you probably can’t take his rambling talking points diatribe, so go to the 6:23 minute mark.


” Listen Paul W., we’re not ready to be doing it, but let me remind you. This has been going on for years. We’re bringing it to a halt. The harsh fact of the matter is, when you’re going to pass legislation that will cover 300 hundred American people in different ways, it takes a long time to, to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people. “

The once great city of Detroit is dead because this Congressman and his Progressive predecessors have turned it into a Union-controlled welfare slum city. It seems Mr. Dingell has done a good job of controlling his constituents, approximately 75% minority. Keep them dumb and happy with welfare and they will always keep you in office.

How do you feel about being controlled by the likes of John Dingell. Let’s fight to remove this Progressive scum from office and find someone who supports the Constitution of America.