While I watched, in amusement, the “useful idiots” at the OWS extremism events, mixed feelings are conjured up as the few valid complaints made by opponents of crony capitalism are drowned out by the many supporters advocating the gradual transformation of America into a Socialist state and then into a Communist one.

Why would you not know the crux of the OWS demands are that capitalism and our private free enterprise become outlawed in order for it to be run by the state, e.g. government. Yes, the same governments that currently find themselves unable to responsibly operate anything due to the multiple layers of inefficient bureaucrats put in place by Communist/Socialist controlled public-sector unions. In other words, by the perpetually fraudulent, corrupt, and ever expanding unelected political class.

I absolutely support ending crony capitalism, the revolving door politics dominated by lobbyist and former elected and unelected government officials, the economically stifling Federal Reserve Banking system, and the oppressive U.S. tax code. I also support campaign finance reform and changing the status of corporate person hood (corporations are not people). These are lofty and righteous goals that every American-loving U.S. citizen should support. There is a myriad of other problems that America must tackle, but this war begins with ending the corruption and abuse enjoyed by the incestuous marriage between the corporate world and  the political class. The relationship established to circumvent the voice and will of Americans.

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Let us not forget why the Federal Government’s budget situation is unresolved. The establishment Congressional leadership wanted to keep their unmitigated spending spree out of the voter’s minds in order to circumvent an ass-whoopin in the 2010 mid-term election.

Its been widely reported that Chucky Schumer accidentally told the truth to the wrong people this week, when reporters got to hear this idiot give his fellow Democrat dolts the new blame game plan in order to deflect attention away from the fact that the Democrat-controlled Congress refused to pass their budget-busting plans in 2010. It’s unfortunate we can’t hear the audio from this snafu, but here is what was reported by the Washington Examiner yesterday.

Schumer thought he was on a private line with four Democratic senators who were to talk with reporters about the current budget stalemate.

Schumer instructed the group, made up of Sens. Barbara Boxer of California, Tom Carper of Delaware, Ben Cardin of Maryland and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, to tell reporters that the GOP is refusing to negotiate.

He told the group to make sure they label the GOP spending cuts as “extreme.”

“I always use extreme, Schumer said. “That is what the caucus instructed me to use.”

Someone must have finally told Schumer that the media were listening and he stopped talking midsentence.

Like clockwork, the plan was passed on to all major media outlets and they ran with it. What a great opportunity for both Congressional Democrats and big-government establishment Republicans/Neo-cons to deflect attention away from their own incompetence.  Here are stories following that script:

Budget Talks Sour, Dems Blame Tea Party for Stalemate as Deadline Looms

Tea Party fears cloud budget talks, Democrats say

Dems budget strategy: Blame the tea party

Dems say Tea Party is tying Boehner’s hands

Democrats Challenge Republicans to Compromise on Spending Cuts

Democrats go to ‘extreme’ lengths to attack GOP

On a Senate Call, a Glimpse of Marching Orders

UPDATE: Sen Durbin: Congressional Budget Talks In ‘Bad Shape’

Harry Reid: Tea party stalls a budget deal

So, let us travel way back to the past (2010) and see why the Democrat leadership needs to deflect attention from their lack of leadership. Both Democrats and Republicans are to blame for government’s fiscal irresponsibility, so the Tea Party formed to initiate some fiscal sanity. So, how in the hell can the Tea Party be blamed for this? They can try, but the gig is up. It’s unfortunate the “sheepstream media” has, again, resorted to propagating lies to demonize those who want to save America from the Socialist sink hole both political parties have cast us into.

Dems won’t pass budget in 2010

Top Senate Democrat disputes talk that Congress will fail to pass a budget

House Democrats ‘Deem’ Faux $1.1 Trillion Budget ‘as Passed’

Still No Budget from the Adler-Pelosi Democrats

House Democrats Unlikely to Pass Budget for Upcoming Fiscal Year

Poll: Should Public Unions Be Given Collective Bargaining Rights?

A Communist Sea of Red Expected In Ohio To Protest Push To Curb Public Union Power

Pass Collective Bargaining Ban

Ohio Lawmakers Urged To Reform Public Union collective Bargaining Agreements

Bachmann Supports WI Public Union Reform

TN Lawmakers Introduce Law To End Collective Bargaining For Teachers Union

WI Governor Tells Obama To Mind His Own Budget Problems

Loony Libs Keep Wishing For Three WI Republican To Defect

NY Times Uses Liberal Poll Results To Claim Republicans Will Get Voted Out For Opposing Their Brethren

TN Shows Schools Without Collective Bargaining Outperform Those That Do

American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) Elitist Idiots Supports WI Teachers

Why Are Our Tax Dollar Being Used to Progress NFL Union Impasse

The Federal Agency FMSC Is Now Involved In NFL Union Negotiations With Your Tax Dollars

The Right To Unionize Is A Socialist UN Mandate

Pictures From The WI Teacher Union Protest

University Of Wisconsin Article Say Governor Is Attacking Liberty

Coward WI Democrats Still Hiding From Democracy In IL

On Video: Doctors Committing Fraud With Doctors Excuses For WI Protesting Teachers

AFGE Public Union Says Infinitesimal Republicans Cuts To Budget Will Starve Poor People

Socialist Media Defends Teacher’s Communist-Oriented Actions

READ This and You Can Understand How Unions Are A Communist’s Best Friend

WI Teachers Unions Starting To Cave

The First International Congress of Revolutionary Trade Unions -1921; Understanding The Marriage Between Communists and Unions

Get Up To Speed On Why Karl Marx Loved Labor Unions

Communist Party USA Says The Attack On WI Union Is One Of The Most Drastic Attacks That You Can Imagine

US Communist Protester in Wis.: ‘People Are Open’ to a ‘Revolutionary Movement’

Socialistworker.org Declares Class War Has Been Declared On Working People In WI.

Chicago Communist Join WI Rally

Boston Rag: Teacher Protest Proving To Be A Catalyst For Democrats – Hopefully Spread To Other States

Communist Party USA Says The Attack On WI Union Is One Of The Most Drastic Attacks That You Can Imagine

US Communist Protester in Wis.: ‘People Are Open’ to a ‘Revolutionary Movement’

Socialistworker.org Declares Class War Has Been Declared On Working People In WI.

Chicago Communist Join WI Rally

Boston Rag: Teacher Protest Proving To Be A Catalyst For Democrats – Hopefully Spread To Other States

You knew the socialist would be pissed when the U.S. Congress succumbed to voter pressure to not extend unemployment benefits, again. The Worlds Socialist Website has offered up a scathing review of Obama and Congressional Democrats. However, the class-struggling socialists have to first paint the picture of children freezing in Winter due to no unemployment benefits.

From the WSWS.org story, US Congress slams door on the unemployed

The tossing of millions of workers—and through them millions more children—into abject desperation is by any measure a social catastrophe. Hunger, which preyed on 50 million Americans last year, will rise sharply. It is reported that soup kitchens and food pantries, already strained to the breaking point, are bracing for record demand. Homelessness and the foreclosure crisis will be exacerbated. Hundreds of thousands more families will lose their utilities in the midst of the winter heating season.

Hold on a second while I wipe the tears from my keyboard. Alright then. So, now the Obama-loving Socialists are seeing U.S. citizens’ alarming reactions of this lurch towards Socialism and Marxism-lite, they need a new target to vent their frustrations. Now it’s Obama’s turn to receive the wrath of the Socialists.

For their part, Obama and the Democrats—who still control both houses of Congress—have responded with palpable indifference, along with their usual admixture of cowardice and dishonesty. Their line from the beginning has been based on the lie that benefits cannot be extended without Republican support, which they know full well is not forthcoming…

the cutoff of unemployment benefits is entirely in line with the strategy of the Democrats and the Obama administration to use mass unemployment to drive down wages, increase exports and expand corporate profits.

You know it’s getting bad when the Socialists renounce Obama and crew with failing them. Maybe it’s just a ploy to embarrass Obama into getting his game-face back on. Either way, it’s hilarious that the Progressive/Socialist/Marxist leanings of Obama isn’t radical enough for them. That leaves me wondering what is radical enough for them. Oh wait, I found it:

This state of affairs can be reversed only by building forms of class struggle politically independent of the Democrats, the trade unions, and their agents. This requires the fight for socialism. We encourage workers to study, and adopt as their own, the program of the Socialist Equality Party.

Keep pushing Socialism on the U.S and you will eventually find that we will shove your socialism so far up your a*& that only the TSA will be able to find it.

At some point, freedom-loving Americans have to initiate an investigation of Socialist/Marxist billionaire George Soro as he continues to interfere in U.S. affairs and uses his fortune to unduly influence American politics and pushes his America/freedom-hating agenda. This guy has worn out his welcome here and needs to return to Hugary or some other European socialist-loving country. No George, we don’t want any of the funk you’re selling.

From Bloomberg:

The panel, which includes billionaire George Soros and Larry Summers…estimated that selling carbon emissions permits could generate $38 billion and a financial transactions tax an additional $27 billion

The panel assumed a carbon price of as much as $25 a ton on emissions…An additional $5 billion could be gained from a tax on carbon offsets in the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism…An additional $12 billion would come from a levy on shipping and aviation…levies on transportation need to be structured so as not to harm developing nations…direct contributions from government budgets…while being politically “challenging.”…a “wires charge” on electricity generation…the removal of fossil fuel-subsidies…and a carbon tax, which would garner $10 billion.

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You can’t make this stuff up. Obama endorses the Union/Socialists “feel the hate” rally, and apparently he hires some of his minions to strike up a protest chanting, “Obama ain’t no socialist, we are, we are”. These guys really do make an easy target. Unfortunately for the socialist, we already know Obama is a socialist, who’s damn proud of his “socialist mop”.

Then I found a couple of videos of the trash that the socialist trash/unions left behind. Nice statement from a bunch of overzealous environmentalists.