You got to love the “new” Obama campaign slogan, “FORWARD”, that reflects the roots of his Marxist beliefs.

The Washington Times summed it up best:

The Obama campaign apparently didn’t look backwards into history when selecting its new campaign slogan, “Forward” — a word with a long and rich association with European Marxism.

…The slogan “Forward!” reflected the conviction of European Marxists and radicals that their movements reflected the march of history, which would move forward past capitalism and into socialism and communism.

The Marxists/Communists and Socialists/Progressives are flaunting their desires for America in plain view now while average Americans just yawn as they return to their slumber.


Another election season approaches as the Progressive-minded and biased media prepares to pick the Republican Presidential candidates that voters will ultimately vote for in the 2012 Presidential election. Never in my life have I witnessed a more bizarrely, overt attempt by the Progressive-owned and operated media to pick the Republican Presidential nominee that will, at a minimum if triumphant over President Obama, keep tracking America along Obamunism’s Socialist road to hell or preferably, choose a candidate so aligned with Obamunism that lazy voters will just stay the course with Obamunism.

Frankly, regardless of the motivation or actions by the media to influence the outcome of the Republican Presidential nomination, why in the world is the media, including Fox News, still revered as an honest steward of truthful, unbiased news coverage considering the self-serving propaganda they serve up on an hourly basis. The media knows what most people don’t want to or just fail to recognize – most people are sheeple looking for the easiest access to instant gratification with the least resistance that will require no intelligent reason or logic and requires little or no accountability, while excepting no blame for anything. In other words in this case, make it as easy as possible for a voter to dismiss all choices as bad, therefore being herded towards the establishment and media pick. Of course, that is Mitt Romney. So no matter what the facts are, Romney will always be their front runner.

Every Republican Presidential nominee, except Romney, has been skewered by all major media outlets. Of course this is being framed to result in the “lesser of evils” fixation come election time. The Neocon/Establishment arm of the media touts electability as key in a nominee, when in fact, they would take Obama if he would change his racing stripes to reflect an (R) beside his name. So, I ask the question, can you please decide for yourself who truly represents the opportunity to embrace American exceptionalism, restore fiscal sanity to our Federal Government, and once again place America at the top of the hill as the shining beacon of hope in a Socialist-ruled world.

Guess what, there is no perfect candidate that can fill all of your heart’s political desires. I always said if you took a few planks from each candidate’s platform, you would be golden. Personally, every Republican candidate has at least one issue I do not agree with.

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It didn’t take long after the deadly devastating tornado outbreak across the South for the “global warmers/climate changers” to show that idiocy and lunacy are core common denominators in “progressive-think”. In fact, this is just another, in a enormous list of reasons, why the diseased-ridden movement of Progressivism needs to be eliminated from American culture.

Please say a prayer for those suffering after the devastating tornadoes that ravaged the Southeastern U.S. this week. Unfortunately, found in the comment section of a CBS article, we can see how the Progressive mind thinks and how they really feel about the victims of these tornadoes.


by noloyalisti April 28, 2011 11:09 PM EDT
So these are the poor red states who let their maniac elected reps deny confirmed man made global climate change. In fact they voted for the freaks. So maybe this is coming back as their (and our) worst nightmares. This is why liberals and progressive MUST run America, the conservative and Republican brains are too tense (two tenths the size of a normal brain).

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No matter what Congressional Conservatives propose on budget cuts, it will continue to be portrayed by the Progressives/Socialists (media, think tanks, Intelligentsia, unions, etc..) as an attack on Americans. However, there are two groups that will always fights any budget cuts: The Progressives/Socialists and the big government statists, which many times seem to be one in the same.

The Progressives/Socialists want government to have full control of all commerce with government providing all jobs. Therefore government must perpetually grow. So they portray any cuts as an assault on the usual: children, environment, poor people, minorities, American Dream, ad nauseam. Of course, the other problem with trying to effect budget cuts is that everybody claims they want to initiate fiscal responsibility as long as their slice of pie is left alone. At this rate, our Federal Government will have to declare bankruptcy in order for any of these statists to embrace fiscal sanity.

Top that off with the daily assault by the socialist mainstream media (MSM), on anything opposing an onerous, overreaching, and gargantuan Federal Government, that the sheeple of America will happily lap up. At that rate, we will never achieve a limited and affordable government. The only viable solutions proposed by these clowns is to raise taxes on all Americans.

Here’s the lasted propaganda assault by limited-government, free market haters:

Catholics – Draconian Budget Cuts In Funding For Domestic and International Aid To The Poor and Vulnerable

In Order To Deprive People of Vitally Needed Services, Republicans Cut Budget Of Social Security Admin.

Republicans Wants To Take Away Money From IRS, As Democrats Fight For Its Expansion

CFTC and SEC Head Claim Budget Cuts Will Not Allow Them Proper Enforcement Money

Utah Cuts Heat Assistance For Poor Even Through Their Federal Funds Haven’t Been Cut

GOP Budget Cuts Will Starve The Poor

GOP Budget Cuts a Gift To The Rich

GOP Budget Cuts Target Sesame Street

GOP Budget Cuts Target Children’s After School Programs

Black Caucus Members Claim GOP Budget Cuts Targets Black Americans

Economist Claim GOP Budget Cuts Will Cost Elimination Of 700,000 Jobs

Marxist Rev. Jim Wallis New Campaign: What Would Jesus Cut? LOL GOP Budget Cuts Are a Stab In America’s Back

National Treasury Employees Union Claim Budget Cuts Are An Attack on Federal Workers and Poor

GOP Budget Cuts Target Everything They Hate: Children, Labor unions, NPR, Poor People, and Environment

GOP Budget Cuts Right Attacked Unions, ACORN and Planned Parenthood

Federal Government Unions Spend $1 Million of Your Tax Dollars Fighting Gov’t. Cuts

Greek Public Sector Union Calls 24-hour Strike Feb 23

Workers Pack Ohio Hearing to Oppose Reform on Collective Bargaining

Orange County’s GOP Chairman Scott Baugh Next Week Hopes To Gear Up An Army of Elected Officials Across The County That Will Battle Organized Labor At Every Level of Local Government Over Pension Issues.

Gov. Scott Walker Unveiled Sweeping Legislation Friday That Would Severely Curtail Public Employee Bargaining Rights and Dramatically Change The Way The State Negotiates With Unions.

State Governors Facing Resistance From Public Employee Unions.

Ohio Governor Against Public Employees’ Right To Walk-Out – Would Punish Workers Who Go On Strike.

Government Transportation Workers in the Netherlands Plan Strike

Indiana Teachers Unions Protest Over State Plans to Expand Charter Schools

Minnesota Unions Protest Government Spending Cuts

Egyptian Strike Threatens Suez Canal

UK Unions March Against Budget Cuts

Spain’s Socialists Settle on Cuts As Better Than Nothing

UK Union To Protest Against Cultural Cuts

Egypt’s Temporary Military Government Bans Public Union’s Strike

U.S. State Dept. Supports Union Protest In Algeria, and Quotes “reaffirm our support for the universal rights of the Algerian people”

Communist Party of Britain (CPB) Organizing With Unions To Protest Government Cuts in UK

Freedom and Democracy Now Group and Public Workers Plan Protest In Morocco To Meet The Social Demands of Workers

Pakistan’s Airline Unions Continue Protests For Government To Subsidize Salaries For Heavily Inefficient and Overstaffed Agencies- Causes Massive Flight Cancellations

AFGE President John Gage Encourages More Protests and Donations From Federal Workers To Turn The American Public Opinion Around About Unions

National Treasury Employees Union Pushes For Support of House Bill Providing 4-Week Paid Parent Leave On Top Of 12 Weeks Unpaid Leave For Same Thing
(ProgressiveSocialist Steny Hoyer Quote- “It is time for America to catch up with the rest of the world on this issue and realize that a right to paid leave is more than a family matter – it is a public good that means healthier families, more productive children, and a stronger economy for all of us.)

You probably read of the dispute between the VFW and their VFW-PAC endorsements for the 2010 mid-terms.. I thought it was a joke when they bypassed fellow veteran Allen West for rabid progressive Joe Klein in Florida. But after seeing the list of endorsements, I don’t see how the VFW can continue the VFW-PAC as a viable and respectable organization. Please, Meeks over Rubio, support for Pelosi and Boxer. No Jim DeMint in SC, but a yes for Jim Clyburn. Below, is a brief sample of the endorsements, with the entire list found here.

McCain, John (R)
Boxer, Barbara (D)
Harman, Jane (D)
Lee, Barbara (D)
Pelosi, Nancy (D)
Waxman, Henry (D)
Hoyer, Steny (D)
Wasserman Schultz, Debbie (D)
Meek, Kendrick (D)
Klein, Ron (D)
Grayson, Alan (D)
Jackson, Jesse (D)
Hare, Phil (D)
Dingell, John (D)
Levin, Sander (D)
Schumer, Charles (D)
Weiner, Anthony (D)
DeFazio, Peter (D)
Sestak, Joe (D)
Clyburn, James (D)
Jackson Lee, Sheila (D)
Boehner, John (R)
Leahy, Patrick (D)
Maxine Waters (D)
Barney Frank (D)
John Conyers Jr. (D)
Harry Reid (D)

This looks more like a list of socialist wannabes. It appears this group has been hijacked by the kind of folks who took over AARP and NRA, which now support continued government largess. What a joke. I hope the VFW-PAC is dissolved. I’m still scratching my head over the Ron Klein endorsement over Allen West. Seeing they picked John Dingle, they must be anticipating some of John Dingle’s “Good and Plenty Clause”. Somebody has been bought and paid for at the VFW-PAC.

VFW-PAC is a joke that supports continued corruption of our political system.