The media can’t stand the fact that conservative voters will reject progressive, establishment candidates. In particular, Mitt Romney. So, they will keep propagandising “Mitt the front runner”. Media’s bias towards an establishment hack will keep them pulling for either Romney or Huntsman. It also means the media will soon begin their barrage of insults and unqualified statements as their “Bachmann is a kook” campaign kicks off.

Considering American’s sound bite mentality, just repeat “Bachmann is a kooky Christian zealot that makes too many gaffes and is unproven, while gaining support from the racist, hating Tea Party. Yep, that will about do it for the sheep – yes, the sheepish Fox viewers too. Personally, at this point, she has my support and believes Conservatism will put America back on the road to fiscal solvency. I think she has the ability to win the Republican nomination, but the media will most assuringly make sure they cause enough damage to her name and she would lose against Obama by 10-15%.

I hate to say this, as it has been decried by staunch Tea Party conservative voters, but she stands a better chance of surviving the media if she agrees to become the running mate of a better established candidate. However, there is only one candidate that can overcome media scrutiny and survive the “is he/she qualified to run our country” mantra. Bachmann could survive this scenario as a running mate and put herself in a better position for a future run at the White House top position.

Bottom Line – Rick Perry will win the nomination and will choose Michelle Bachmann as his running mate. This winning ticket will put our country back on the road to being great again rather that continuing down the road to serfdom.

In the meantime, enjoy the latest and greatest media assaults on Michelle Bachmann. Also, there are bombs being thrown a Perry already, so I included one.

Mike Wallace Asks Bachmann If She’s A Flake

Rick Perry Hates Poor People Because He Eliminated Income Taxes

A Hard Line With Bachmann and The Tea Party

CBS Can Only Confirm Accuracy of 1 of 23 Bachmann Statements During Interview

Extreme Positions, Low Polls Make Bachmann Unelectable

Bachmann’s Statement About Government Official Limousine Usage Is Broken Down To The Syllable

Is Michele Bachmann a New “Evangelical Feminist”?

Bachmann Gay Problem

Is Bachmann Lying About Foster Children Claims?

Bachmann Is A Nutcase

Bachamnn Has Plenty Of Skeletons IN The Closet

The Dangers Of Michelle Bachmann

Bachmann Loves Polluted Air and Water

Why Does Bachmann Hate Women

Out Of The Closet: Michele Bachmann As New American Boogeywoman

More Scrutiny Of Bachmann’s Statements – American Lost Jobs

If you were looking for any sign of Tea Party protests in the Lamestream Media, forget about it. Unfortunately for Progressives, Socialists, and Marxists, wishing something doesn’t make it necessarily so. To the chagrin of these haters of Americanism, there were too many Tea Party Rallies to list. Here is a reminder to the left – the harder you try to destroy the Tea Party movement, the more steadfast our resolve to cure the American government’s fiscal insanity and snub out rabid Progressivism.

WI –  Tea Party Rally – Progressives Counter Rally Peters Out

CA – Tax Day Rally Welcomes Long Beach Tea Party

Tea Party supporters flock to Palm Desert rally

Tea Party rally held on busy day in Laguna Beach

MA – Boston Police Help Disrupt Tea Party Rally

AL – Tea party event held at Homewood radio station

Tea party rally draws concerned residents to courthouse

FL – Rep. Allen West At Florida Tea Party rally

At Tea Party Rally, Rubio Blasts Obama: He’d rather get Re-Elected than Lead

Scott preaches lower taxes at St. Johns tea party rally

Union Fireman Suspected Of Sabotage At Tea Party Rally

IA – Pawlenty, Cain try to win Iowa Tea Party support

Iowa tea party supporters brave chilling wind for rally

AZ – Tax Day Rally in the Desert Southwest

Tea Party Counter Protesters Arrested

IN – Socialist group protests Tea Party

Tea Party rally takes aim at GOP and Dems

SC – TEA Party rally message: get involved

Tax day tea party protest brings SC Gov Haley, Bachmann to Statehouse steps

Bachmann Visits TEA Party Rally in Bluffton

PA – Tea party, York County NAACP to rally together

NH – Tea Party Rally Calls for Budget Cuts

NC – Tea Party rallies

WA – Tea party rallies for less government, more grass-roots

Tea party activists rally in Everett

CO – Tea party rally attracts 200 to Loveland

Third tax day tea party rally fires ‘em up

RI – tea party rallies at Statehouse

Marxist Group Protests Tea Party Protest

NV – Groups rally in Carson City to support Gov. Brian Sandoval’s pledge to not raise taxes

Tea party supporters want big government out of their lives

TX – Longview hosts Tea Party rally

Tea Party rally in downtown Tyler

NJ – Morristown Tea Party rally

AR – Crowd braves chilly temps for Tax Day Rally

MT – TEA Party rallies in Billings

Racists Fliers By Marxists enrage local Tea Party Patriots

IL – The tea party rant heard ’round the nation

SD – Tea party activists rally, intend to keep heat on legislators

MI – Tea party members attack plans for new Detroit bridge, taxes during Lansing rally

Tea Party holds tax day rally in Grand Rapids

Tea party rally at Capitol draws 400

NY – Tea Partiers rev up at Hornell rally

GA – Tea party rally touts fair tax

Savannah Tea Party: Stop spending, start saving

CT – Hundreds turn out for anti-tax rally at Conn. Capitol

OH – Tri-Party TEA Party encourages show of support for Kasich

MO – Mo. tea party groups rally on taxes, spending

Excerpt from the WSJ:


Congratulations to all the tea party-backed candidates who overcame a determined, partisan opposition to win their elections. The next campaign begins today. Because you must now overcome determined party insiders if this nation is going to be spared from fiscal disaster.

Many of the people who will be welcoming the new class of Senate conservatives to Washington never wanted you here in the first place. The establishment is much more likely to try to buy off your votes than to buy into your limited-government philosophy. Consider what former GOP senator-turned-lobbyist Trent Lott told the Washington Post earlier this year: “As soon as they get here, we need to co-opt them.”

Continue reading article:

He was flip-flopping Democrat all the way.

All the hatred aimed at the Tea Party Groups seems only to placate those who subscribe to the new philosophy that American’s are stupid and up is now down.

King George Bush II led one of the worst big-spending, government expanding administration in my lifetime.

  • Nearly every Tea Party Patriot I know has similar feelings.

I welcome any U.S. President, whatever his color may be, to lead this country.

  • I know of no Tea Party Patriot who has any problem with a black president (Sorry for the black American comment, but I just met a white African American and he told me African-American are white too). I welcome a black, brown, white, or yellow President, as long as the Constitution of U.S. is his political light and not merely legal precedence.

I have never heard any racial slurs or seen racial epitaphs displayed at any  Tea Party Patriot events I have been to, except for the progressive plants infiltrating the events.

  • I, like every other Tea Party Patriot I know or have met, would absolutely call out and condemn any acts of racial hatred if they were to occur.

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